{AD/Review} The Christmas Forest Christmas Tree

Putting up and decorating the Christmas tree is a huge part of the festive period! It signifies the beginning of the build up to Christmas, and even if you don't put up any other decorations - the Christmas tree really makes a home feel festive. 

The Christmas Forest - Christmas Tree Review

For the past few years, my husband and I have set up the tree before the little ones come home, so we can decorate it together, it's become a bit of a tradition. There's something so special about a real Christmas tree! Until last year, we hadn't had a real tree but you really don't know what you are missing! 

This year we were kindly given the opportunity to review a beautiful real 6ft Nordmann Fir tree from The Christmas Forest! Our tree arrived promptly on our scheduled delivery date, although I did have to email to confirm. The tree arrived packaged well in netting and plastic to prevent damage during delivery. We also received a large plastic stand.

The Christmas Forest - Christmas Tree Review

The Christmas Forest is a wonderful, family business based in London, committed to selling real, sustainable, well priced Christmas trees. The Christmas Forest have stores throughout London where you can go and pick your own tree (I am so doing this one day!) or if you live too far away you can opt for home delivery instead. 

The Christmas Forest are also working with Tree Aid, which means for every tree bought, a tree is planted in Africa too - which is fantastic!

As soon as the tree arrived, the smell just hits you. The gorgeous pine fresh scent fills the whole house and immediately makes you feel festive before the tree is even up!

Setting up the tree itself was really easy, but I definitely couldn't have done it alone as it was so heavy and tall! Once my husband had chopped a centimetre or two off the bottom, we secured it into the base, unwrapped the packaging, filled up the stand and it was done! All ready to be decorated!

The Christmas Forest - Christmas Tree Review

Like I said, you really don't know what you are missing until you have a real tree! You might think it's more difficult to have a real tree, than to just grab yours out of the attic, but it's not. Buying a Christmas tree from The Christmas Forest makes it all so simple for you. You don't need to rearrange or 'fluff up' the branches, or even put them all in place if you have one with individual branches, and you honestly cannot beat the scent of a real Christmas tree!

I am so impressed with our tree. It's so healthy, bushy and full! The smell is incredible (have I said that already?) and we haven't had many needles drop yet, and it's been up for 6 days. I'm pretty sure the only reason we've had any needles drop is because are youngest is obsessed with the decorations towards to bottom! 

If you are looking for a gorgeous real Christmas tree, whether it's a 2ft or a 12ft tree, and everything in between - I definitely recommend checking out The Christmas Forest!

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