What Your Home Says About You

*This is a collaborative post

Our homes are important to us. We spend a lot of our lives inside them, and they are a major part of who we are. We may not acknowledge this fact very much, but much of our personalities go into our properties and how we go about decorating and filling our living spaces reveal so much about us. 

Of course, not everyone can decorate their home exactly how they like. If you are someone that rents their property, you will no doubt be held to some strict rules about what you can and cannot do. If you are allowed to give the place a lick of paint, this is very often, only allowed to be white or some other neutral tone. You might not be allowed to put pictures up on the walls either as your landlord may forbid picture hooks being put in the walls. 

But for anyone that can really go to town on making their home their own, your decor will provide so very insightful first impressions for anyone visiting your home that you may not know so well.

What The Pictures On Your Walls Say
One of the most obvious places to show your personality is on the walls of your home. Whether you do it intentionally, or not, you create a message about who you are and what is important within your life. 

For example, if you are someone who enjoys seeing Abstract art prints on the walls of your home, it will send across the message that you a very creative individual. It is also a clear sign of intelligence too. 

Lots of family photos on your walls show that the most important thing in your life is those that are around you. Family and friends may be very significant to you and you may also be someone who enjoys reminiscing over old memories. 

Clutter Vs. Minimalism
Some people have lots in their home, others seem to manage with barely anything. This is a simple fact of life, and everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to organize your home. 

Having lots of items around your home will demonstrate that you have a more impulsive personality. You may be more likely to make decisions based on feelings and you may be happier to go with the flow. 

Minimalism may show that you are a lot more ordered and organized. You might be a strong decision-maker and planner, and you will probably be someone that likes to think ahead on certain things. 

The Quality Of Your Furniture
High-quality statement furniture pieces that are well-made may show that you are someone who is good with money and looks to the long term when making a financial investment.

Comfy and Cosy Corners
Introverts who are happy in their own company may well create spaces in their homes which they feel comfortable in. These may include things like a little crafting corner or a place to quietly read.

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