29 Things I've Learnt In 29 Years

29 Things I've Learnt In 29 Years
It's my birthday today, 29 years young! After the whole 'ten year challenge' thing across social media recently, it really got me thinking. About how my life was then, who I've become now and what I have achieved. 10 years ago I was a completely different person, a reckless person. A person who lived only for myself and although it was fun at the time, I was really selfish and silly. 

My life has completely changed now. I met my husband, we had our first little one, then along came cutie #2 shortly after. We found a stable home, we got engaged, then married. I started working harder on the blog and decided that is what I what to do, I wanted it to be a part of my life from then on. Then along came cutie #3.

3 kids, 2 cats, one husband and a really happy life. I feel like I've got my act together and I know where my life is going now - after 29 years!

So I wanted to share a little celebratory birthday post today, 29 things I've learnt in 29 years!

1 - Be Nice, Always

2 - Exercise Does Actually Make You Feel Good

3 - Look After Yourself, Make Yourself A Priority

4 - There's No Point In Constantly Worrying

5 - Show People How Much You Love Them

6 - Spending Time Alone Is Important

7 - Don't Change For Anyone

8 - It's OK If You Don't Know What You're Doing

9 - Your Time Will Come

10 - You Don't Have To Say Yes

11 - You Can't Change People

12 - Nobody Is Perfect. NOBODY.

13 - Work Hard Enough And You Can Do Anything

14 - A Cup Of Tea Always Helps

15 - Never Let Anyone Tell You What You Can/Can't Achieve

16 - Your Flaws Are Only Flaws In Your Eyes

17 - Everyone Is AMAZING In Their Own Way

18 - It's OK To Ask For Help

19 - Believe In Yourself

20 - Being A Parent Is Utterly Incredible, And You've Never Been More Tired In Your Life.

21 - Holding Your Newborn Baby Is A Feeling Like No Other

22 - Childbirth Is HORRENDOUSLY Painful. The Worst Pain Ever!

23 - Don't Stay Friends With People Who Aren't Really Your Friends

24 - You Might Make Best Friends Early On In Life, Or You Might Make Them Later. You'll Know When You've Found Them.

25 - It's Totally Acceptable To Nap When You're An Adult

26 - Take Photos But LIVE IN THE MOMENT

27 - Stop Doubting Yourself, You Can Do It!

28 - Think Positively In Every Aspect Of Your Life

29 - Hold Your Family Close, Always.

29 Things I've Learnt In 29 Years

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