Looking After Your Ears With Auris Ear Care

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Looking after your ears is hugely important. They are incredibly clever, but delicate pieces of equipment, so messing around with them can be dangerous.

Looking After Your Ears With Auris Ear Care

Our ears are made to naturally clean themselves but sometimes our ears can produce too much wax, so we may need professional help. Auris Ear Care are a professional 24 hour ear cleaning clinic based in London.

 I've had a lot of problems with my ears, as I used to always use cotton buds to 'clean' them, which then caused damage and led to frequent ear infections. 

Ear wax can be a bit of an odd subject to discuss, but it's an important bodily fluid as it cleans and protects our delicate ears. But an excess of ear wax can cause a number of issues such as hearing loss, infections or dizziness. 

At Auris Ear Cleaning Clinic they offer a comprehensive ear cleaning service that can include the removal of foreign bodies or ear wax removal using microsuction. Microsuction is an effective way of 'vacuuming' out ear wax. It has been proven to be one of the most effective ways  to remove wax build up, and a simple procedure will only take about 20 minutes maximum.

As Auris Ear Care are a 24 hour service, they can often offer same day appointments, and if you fill out your details on their website, they will get back to you within 2 hours. Plus they even offer their services to patients under 16. So if you are looking for a ear cleaning specialist, look no further.

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