To My Youngest On Your First Birthday

Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby. I can't believe you are one already, it's gone by so fast. 

I'm writing this to you while you are snuggled and peacefully sleeping in my arms. 
As it wasn't all that long ago I still remember the wonderful way came into the world. I remember the second you arrived, the overwhelming joy I felt. When you instantly snuggled into me, all wrapped up in a blanket. When your daddy changed you for the first time, and when I didnt want to put you down that night in hospital, so I didnt sleep much as I just wanted you close to me.

Then I remember bringing you home the next morning, and your brother and sister were so incredibly excited to meet you. They've been amazing with you ever since and I know you're going to be so well looked after as you all grow up.

Over the past 12 months you've zoomed through the milestones. Rolling, crawling, standing, talking and now walking. You're amazing and my heart melts just watching you every day. 

You're very much a Daddy's Girl, just like your sister and your very first word was "Dada", but you always know your Mama is here for you when you need me. When you're upset, or tired I hear you calling "Mama" and I'm there.

I love to watch you playing with your brother and sister too. Whether it's dancing, or cuddling with your sister, or racing cars across the room with your brother. I can see how much you look up to them already, and we all care for you so much.

You've blossomed into the sweetest, smiliest little girl and I'm so proud of you. You're amazing. I cant wait to watch you grow into a cheeky little toddler over the next year. 

Happy 1st Birthday Pretty Girl. I love you to the moon and back. xxx

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