3 Fun Homemade Valentines Day Ideas

I decorate my home for any occasion and I love it! Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Father's Day, Valentines Day - I'm gonna decorate! It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy sometime by yourself, or with your little ones and be able to express your creative side too! 
3 Fun Homemade Valentines Day Ideas
I decided to make some simple Valentines Day decor and gifts this year, nothing too over the top or expensive, and I wanted to share with you a few easy ways you can decorate your home or treat your loved ones, for the special occasion too! It's time to spread a little love! ❤️

Valentines Heart Garland
Garlands are literally my favourite type of decor, and they are so versatile! They can be displayed on walls, on banisters, in windows, on doors, even draped on shelves. They're just the prettiest thing! So I decided I wanted to create a simple heart garland using different prints. I found all the prints on Canva (which is free) and printed them out on A4 card.  Cut a number of hearts out on the cards using a simple template heart. Attach the hearts along a piece of cotton or coloured wool using tape or glue, and you're done! Super cute, right?
3 Fun Homemade Valentines Day Decor Ideas - Heart Garland
Valentines Heart Wreath
I wanted to have a go at a wreath this year, and I love the look of a good 'special occasion wreath'! Plus I thought a simple red heart would look beautiful against my dark coloured front door. I used a thick piece of card to cut out a large heart shape, and then a slightly smaller heart inside it. Once I had my heart I added a bit of padding using tightly rolled newspaper. Then I grabbed some thick red wool and wrapped it around the heart, around the outside and through the middle until the whole heart was covered multiple times. Then I attached another small loop of wool to the top, to be able to hang it. I'm pretty pleased with it!
3 Fun Homemade Valentines Day Decor Ideas - Heart Wreath
Valentines Heart Gift Bag
Last but not least are these cute little gift bags. I made 3 for my little ones and filled them with mini heart shaped biscuits or heart chocolates. A cute little gift for a loved one that doesn't cost much to make! First of all I printed off two sheets of red printed paper, (same prints as I used before) and cut out two identical heart shapes. I glue most of the edges together, with the coloured sides outwards, but glue quite close to the edge to leave more room for the goodies! Once the sides are dry, you can fill the hearts with your treats and seal up the final side. If you'd prefer to sew the edges instead, I'd definitely suggest doing that as it'd look super cute! Unfortunately, I can't sew! 
3 Fun Homemade Valentines Day Gift Ideas - Heart Gift Bags
3 Fun Homemade Valentines Day Decor Ideas

Which idea is your favourite?

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