How Children Can Teach You To Appreciate Life

How Children Can Teach You To Appreciate Life

I try my hardest and aspire to teach my children all about the world, and life, but the truth is, children can teach you so much about the way to live it. 

Children can inspire you to try your hardest, and enjoy life in the best way possible. They can open your eyes and allow you to view the world in a totally different way. They may help to shape you into a more happier, kinder person.

Live Every Day To The Fullest
Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Forgive Often 
Children do not hold grudges. They may be angry at you for a little while, but as soon as they're done with that, they'll love you unconditionally again.  

Take Risks & Be Brave
Children can be totally fearless. They do things because they want to and enjoy themselves. Use your best judgement, but be brave and take a leap now and again. Do something you didn't think you could/would. Take a chance.

Apologise To Others
You teach your children to say sorry, but do YOU apologise to others? Are you stubborn and refuse to be the first one to say it? Just say it. Apologise first.

Accept Others For Who They Are
No one is perfect, children accept you for who you are, not who you aren't. They don't care if you can't cook, aren't wearing make up or weigh more than you'd like. They love you for you. 

Keep Learning
Never stop. There's always something new to understand, explore, figure out.

Express Your Inner Child And Be Silly
You do silly things, sing songs, dance like a crazy person to make them laugh. Its important to laugh and be silly sometimes, even when your children aren't around.

Live In The Moment
Slow down, take note of what's going on around you. Appreciate what you have before its gone.

Ask For Help
As adults, most of us tend to be too stubborn to ask for help, and sometimes we truly need it, but are too scared to say so. Everyone needs help sometimes.

Appreciate The Little Things
Stop, look around. Appreciate all the good things you have in your life. Don't just let everything pass you by. 

If At First You Don't Succeed..
Try and try again. If you're determined, you can do it. Children don't just give up on trying to roll/crawl/walk, they're determined so they will keep on trying!

How Children Can Teach You To Appreciate Life

What do you feel children can teach you?
How Children Can Teach You To Appreciate Life


Unknown said...

i love this, my children have taught me to embrace imperfection and to let go of the need to have everything perfect #twinklytuesday

Robina - said...

This is just so lovely! My child has taught me what's important in life and to put everything into perspective. Thanks for sharing, fab post #twinklytuesday

Anonymous said...

Such a great post and so true! I teach my mummy to live in the moment and take risks all the time! I like getting her out of her comfort zone! #twinklytuesday

K Whitlock said...

Lovely post and really reminds you about what is important in life!
Thanks for sharing on #sundaystars

Unknown said...

This is so very true, I think we can learn so much for our little ones. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

Unknown said...

A beautiful post! I completely agree, I often think my son has taught me so much more than I've taught him lol! #twinklytuesday

Unknown said...

So true, my son has taught me so many of these too. Lovely post #TheList

thisiswhereitisat said...

Definately agree you can learn so much from children especially getting excited about something and having fun X #thelist