{AD/Review} Skip Hop 3 In 1 Ride On Unicorn

Skip Hop 3 In 1 Ride On Unicorn Review

Everyone loves unicorns at the moment, right?! Including my children. I've always loved Skip Hop products as they are high quality, long lasting and simply adorable products! My eldest daughter actually has a backpack with Skip Hop's Unicorn on it, and it is really just the sweetest unicorn ever! So I was really delighted to be able to review the fantastic 3-in-1 Ride On Unicorn from Skip Hop!

It's aimed at age 1-3, which is ideal for my youngest who just turned 1! It's a 3 in 1 toy as it can be converted from a walker/wagon, to a ride on, to a scooter! So not only means it's triple the fun, it means it can grow with your child. You wont need to buy a seperate walker/ride on/scooter saving you a lot of money, and the toy will get a lot more use out of it! It's such a great idea.
As soon as it arrived, I knew my youngest would love it! And she absolutely does. The unicorn looks really sweet, and high quality too!

Skip Hop 3 In 1 Ride On Unicorn Review

The assembly of the unicorn couldn't be easier, all you need to do is attach the front wheels, clip the handlebars on, attach the bucket if needed and you're done. It literally took less than 2 minutes. 
My little girl currently uses it as a walker, filling the bucket with her toys and pushing it along. It encourages her to walk, while strengthening her legs and arms and improving her balance too.
As the toy grows with her and we change it to a ride on, and then to a scooter, I know it's going to become one of her favourite toys and she will get a lot of use out of it!

We tested out how easy it was to convert it from stage 1-2-3, and it couldn't be simpler, again it will take you seconds! To switch from wagon mode to ride on, you simply click the bucket out using the buttons on the ends, flip it over, and click it back in place so it becomes a seat! To easily switch it again to scooter mode, you just remove the bucket! You can also adjust the handlebars by pressing the button on them. So easy!

Another lovely addition to the toy are the fun light, music and sound effects you can get by pressing the button on the handlebars!

Skip Hop 3 In 1 Ride On Unicorn Review

Overall, I am so impressed with the 3 In 1 Ride On Unicorn from Skip Hop. It's made of strong, sturdy high quality material, it's so simple to put together or convert into the different stages, and it's just the cutest thing ever! It'll provide hours of playtime for your little ones while encouraging motor skills, balance, walking and coordination too.

The adorable 3 In 1 Ride On Unicorn would make the perfect gift for any little unicorn fans! It currently retails at £48.68 on the Skip Hop site or £52.11 on Amazon. (Plus, it's also available as a Dog or Fox too, and they are equally as cute!)

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