13 Motivating And Empowering Books Your Children Need To Read!

From non fiction, to picture books, cutesy or fact filled, these must read books have the power to inspire, motivate, advise and empower your little boys and girls. To help open your children's minds, introduce them to new characters, find out new facts, or teach them important life lessons. These are the types of books you'll want to borrow and have a read for yourself too. Whether they are timeless classics or more modern reads, be sure to have a flick through these fantastic titles!

13 Motivating And Empowering Books Your Children Need To Read!

Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different
"I bought Boys who Dare to be Different for my "different" son. It's fab and it's given him confidence in his abilities as an academic rather than sporty child. It's a collection of biographies of famous men including Stormzy, John Lennon, Gandhi and Obama. It's really enlightening and uplifting" - The Incidental Parent

Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls
"Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is brilliant for inspiring kids that anything is possible. It’s a page all about a strong woman including amazing ones like Michelle Obama to Amelia Earhart. It covers contemporary and historical figures and is also great for school, as lots of them are covered in class" - Twinderelmo

Lost For Words
"Lost For Words by Natalie Russell. It's a lovely story about finding your own strengths and making your own way. Perfect for showing any child who feels they don't 'fit', that they don't have to, and perhaps they were never meant to." - Refined Prose

The Ugly Duckling
"There are so many layers to that story and (even today) we can learn a lot about how we treat each other and bullying from a story written in 1843!" - Scandimummy

Monty The Manatee
"It's a book about bullying and really focuses on the importance of being kind. My daughter loves this book." - Crazy Tots and Me

The Truth Pixie
" Its great for children who may be struggling and it shows that bad times in your life don't define you. It's one of the best books we've read that focuses on mental health for children." - Mighty Mama Bear

Incredible You!
"Incredible You! 10 Ways to Let Your Greatness Shine Through ..is the most beautiful book. It’s really uplifting and gives good advice for both children and adults." - Mum In The Moment

A House For Everyone
"We love A House For Everyone. It's all about gender identity and it has such a positive and uplifting vibe!" - Our Transitional Life


Calm-Down Time
"It's an amazing book that, I think, needs to be in every child’s room. This will give young children simple tools to release strong feelings, express them and calm themselves down. It teaches young children the ability to talk about what they feel, create their own calm down space and to understand their parents when the parents get upset." - Live A Blissful Life


"..A book with positive messages about being environmentally friendly. We follow the story of Pete the Badger who learns that being tidy isn't always the best way. We love it because of the lovely illustrations and positive message it conveys, given the importance of saving our planet! - Happy Family Hub


What Makes Me A Me
"What makes me a me by ben faulks. Beautiful illustrations and a great message about being unique" - Craft With Cartwright


Halibut Jackson
Halibut Jackson is one of my favourite children's books! I love it. It's a sweet little story all about being yourself and never losing sight of who you are. 

The Feelings Book
All of the books by Todd Parr are absolutely amazing, and I'd recommend every single one. The Feelings Book is one of my favourites though all about feelings, and how it's ok to feel different things and being able to express your feelings.

What is your favourite inspirational childrens book? 
Have you or your little one read any of these?

13 Motivating And Empowering Books Your Children Need To Read!

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