{AD/Review} Heading Away From Winter With Femme Luxe Finery

I've only recently discovered Femme Luxe, but I've been really impressed with everything I have received. They have a whole range of clothing, from really glitzy dresses to comfortable loungewear and everything in between. 

Heading Away From Winter With Femme Luxe Finery review

Spring will soon be here, so I was looking for a few new pieces to transition my wardrobe from chilly Winter to comfortable Spring! 

I was kindly given the opportunity to review a few pieces of clothing from Femme Luxe,  so check out which items I chose and let me know which you like the best!

Black Oversized Sweater Dress 

I recently reviewed the khaki version of this mini dress, and I loved it so much I had to get it in black too! It's an oversized sweater dress, but it's too short for me to wear on it's own, so I will pair it with a pair of skinny jeans or coloured leggings, but it really is the most comfortable jumper you will ever wear, and its perfect for dressing up or dressing down, depending on how you style it. 

Khaki Green & Black Slim Fit Trousers

I'm very much a leggings and t-shirt or tights and dress girl. I don't tend to wear trousers, like ever. As I've decided to be a bit more adventurous and try new things this year, I really wanted some new trousers that are comfortable to wear, but also look that little bit nicer than trusty old leggings. 

These trousers were the first thing I spotted on the site, as I really love khaki trousers. The colour makes them so easy to wear, and again they can be easily dressed up or down. They're really comfortable to wear, and easy to get on and off (not always the case with slim fit trousers!), but I will say they are a bit tight on my hips! I don't think they we're made for women with big hips. I still wear them frequently though, both the black and khaki pairs and they are comfortable, stylish, and easy to style too. I love to wear mine with a comfy t-shirt or a cropped jumper, depending on the unpredictable weather!

Teal Oversized Knitted Jumper
One of my absolute favourite things to wear is a good, oversized knitted jumper. I'm all about being cosy! I loved the look of this knitted jumper, the colour, the style - particularly the length and the slit up the side! Definitely something more unique than the type of jumper I'd normally wear. When it arrived I was impressed with the quality and the sizing! Unfortunately, I don't feel the colour suits me at all. It's still a great looking jumper though!
What do you think of the products I chose? Would you wear them?

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