How to Choose the Best Jewellery Gifts

*This is a collaborative post

We might not realise it, but so much of our lives revolve around beauty, from our need to travel and see gorgeous foreign landscapes, to going to a movie with astounding fictional worlds, to just growing pretty plants on our windowsills. It is only logical, then, that we should want to share some of the beautiful things we appreciate in the world with people that we are the closest to. Jewellery is one of the best gifts in this regard, but choosing the right piece is not as easy as buying or presenting it. Thus, we have decided to share some tips on choosing the best jewellery for your next gift.

Take preferences into account 
The first thing to consider is what type of jewellery the person likes. If you do not already know it, you can look at the jewellery that the person already wears or find a way to learn what they prefer without implying or hinting at a forthcoming gift. The material of the jewellery is another important consideration, as you do not want to get something of a make they do not like. For instance, if you see that the gift-receiver does not wear a lot of metal jewellery but likes colourful ornaments, they will likely love a piece of well-selected gemstone jewellery.

Get the right measurements
One of the biggest disappointments of receiving a gift is when you realise that you have no use for it. When it comes to jewellery, this means that you either do not want to wear it (see Tip 1) or it does not fit you. For example, if you are getting earrings for someone, you should at least check that they have pierced ears, as it is unlikely that they will want to get them pierced simply on occasion of your gift. If you are choosing a ring, it will be helpful to get the circumference measurement of the finger it will be worn on. You could do this by measuring an existing ring belonging to the person or use a subtle approach to measure it while the person is distracted or unaware. The same principle applies to bracelets, necklaces, and other wearable items – you want them to fit comfortably without hanging off the body too loosely.

Think about customising 
While a thoughtful choice of gift is already a very personal and caring touch, you can make it even more endearing with customisation. One way to do this is through engraving. If the jewellery piece allows it, you can engrave some words or a custom message that the person will understand and appreciate. For example, it could be an inspirational motto, a vow that you made to the person, or even an inside joke. Whatever you engrave, the one who receives the gift will surely be thinking of you every time they look at the engraving.

Another way to customise is to create your own design and have it custom-made, or pick an existing design and ask the craftsman to tweak it in a certain way. This will add another personal and heartfelt touch to the whole gesture.

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