Homemade Toddler Safe Edible Slime

We've been trying out a load of new crafts recently, attempting to do something creative every day! I try to come up with ideas that all three of my children can enjoy together, so I thought another sensory play activity would be perfect for us to try this week.

Homemade Toddler Safe Edible Slime

I love the idea of making edible activities so I don't need to worry about anyone getting too messy, or my littlest eating it! She's still at that age when absolutely everything is tasty! (This particular slime activity is made of food products, therefore it is safe and edible, but it's not tasty! Not that my little girl cared, she kept eating bites of it! Hahaha)

I've talked about it before but sensory activities are hugely beneficial for all ages, even babies! It encourages them to explore, investigate, experiment! Sensory activities allow children to create strong nerve connections, encourages language and motor skills development - not to mention the benefits of mindful, relaxing activities.

To make Homemade Toddler/Baby Safe Edible Slime you will need:

* 240ml natural yogurt 
(flavoured is ok, as long as it doesn't have bits)
*140g cornflour 

1. Mix together both ingredients together in a bowl.

2. Keep rolling around the dough until it becomes less sticky, and doesn't stick to your hands. Add more flour if needed.

3. Let your little ones have fun!

As the slime is made of food products, unfortunately it cannot be kept, so let them get lots of enjoyment out of it at the time as it will need to be thrown into the food waste bin afterwards.

It should easily wash off of your child's clothes/face/ hair, and it will wipe of surfaces using soap or washing up liquid.

Let me know if you give this a go!

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Homemade Toddler Safe Edible Slime

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