{AD/Review} Taking Time Out For Me - With PuroBasic Headphones

Self care is hugely, HUGELY important right now. Taking time out for just you, before you burn out. You cant look after anyone else if you aren't looking after you. "You cant pour from an empty cup". - Trust me, I know. I hadn't been taking time out for me at all over the past few weeks - spending all my time looking after my little ones, prepping their school work and activities, cooking, cleaning, trying to keep on top of the housework. Going to bed really late, and waking up early. I needed that reminder from loved ones telling me to 'SLOW DOWN'. I've been taking an hour during the daytime to just relax, lie down, drink tea and watch Netflix - shut away in my room with my Puro Sound Labs headphones. That hour to myself is just enough to keep me going until my three are tucked up in bed at night! 

These fantastic headphones are suitable for all ages, as they limit the volume so you or your little ones won't damage your hearing! Although the volume is limited, the sound is really high quality. Plus, they really are the comfiest headphones I've ever worn! Vegan leather cushions your ears meaning no matter how long you are wearing, they stay comfortable and don't squash or hurt your ears. I'm very impressed with them, and I love that they come in 4 vibrant colours too. 

These bright beautiful red headphones are all mine! But I will be buying some for my eldest two as well. They will love the bright pink and green sets, and I can happily leave them to watch their tablets without worrying about them damaging their hearing. 

(If you head over to my instagram now, you can enter to win a set of headphones for yourself!)

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