7 Ways To Emotionally Declutter Your Life

7 Ways To Emotionally Declutter Your Life

Have you heard of the term 'Emotional Decluttering'? Even if you haven't, I'm sure you are aware of the meaning. We are all aware of the importance of decluttering your home, your space - physical items, but what about your mental health? Emotional decluttering is about recognizing the toxic things that are damaging your head and your heart and firmly ejecting them from your life.  

Becoming self-aware and recognizing our own thoughts and feelings are important to creating a better, happier life for yourself. We all have negative emotions and they are a natural part of life, but to be able to change your perspective on life, it's time to get rid of all of that emotional clutter - so I'm sharing some tips to help you start your emotional decluttering journey!

Jot Down Your Thoughts
You might not think so, but jotting down your thoughts is one of the most important steps to rid your mind of all the bad thoughts. Maintaining a diary or journal can do wonders for your mental health (in a similar way to a blog! Except no one will see it.) So I want you to try really hard to start writing, just for you. Jot down all your feelings, your honest emotions, frustrations, or happy moments of your day. Write it all down and you'll feel a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders. You'll begin to feel lighter and calmer knowing you have let it all out and got it off your chest.

Make A List Of What Is Holding You Back
After jotting down all your thoughts and feelings, you'll soon begin to notice the areas you will need to address in your life. Supposedly 95% of our negative thoughts we have each day, are the exact same thoughts we had the day before - that is a pattern. A clear pattern of what is limiting you and what needs to be addressed. Write down all the emotions you are blocking out, let go of all these negative feelings and move forwards.

Stop People Pleasing
Being a people pleaser is all based around negative emotions and guilt. If you are constantly seeking validation, saying yes to everything and everyone and pushing yourself way too far - unfortunately you're a people pleaser! Don't get me wrong, it's lovely that you want to make people happy but when that is affecting your mental health, you need to slow down. It is your life, your journey and you need to choose the path that will make you happy. 

Let Go Of The Guilt 
Guilt and regret are very strong negative emotions and they are both based on judgment. You are judging yourself. I want you to write everything down, let it all out. Write down the ways in which you are holding in the guilt and judging yourself - be brutally honest. And now, it's time to forgive yourself. You cannot change the past and we are all human. Self-forgiveness can be a difficult task but take it slowly and you will get there, and you can continue your journey.

Remove Toxic People
It's time to detox your relationships and remove toxic people and their harmful personalities from your life. We all want to be surrounded by loving, caring people who encourage us to feel good about ourselves, to push us to succeed, and be a shoulder to lean on - unfortunately, sometimes you think you have found a relationship like that and it turns out to be the opposite. People who spread negativity, are jealous, selfish, criticizing or self-centred are typical examples of toxic people. But if you think about it, you should be able to identify any toxic people in your life - the easiest way to tell is if they bring you down instead of lifting you up

I know I've had to remove a few 'friends' from my life who were bringing me down and I felt like I had to stay friends with them because I didn't have a choice. You always have a choice, and by removing those toxic people from my life, my heart was open to making new - much, much better friends. Delete those toxic people, right now.

Stop Projecting Negative Emotions
Projecting negative emotions onto others is a defence mechanism we use to cope with difficult emotions, rather than acknowledging or dealing with those feelings, we project them onto others. Whether it's denial, anger, boredom, jealousy or frustration, when we try to keep those feelings locked away, they become distorted in our minds and the negative emotions are then projected onto those around you. So it's time to stop bottling up your feelings and let them out, write them down or explain to others how you feel before it all becomes too much. 

Realise How Amazing You Are
The ability to see yourself how others see you can be tricky. We all have down days when we don't think we are good enough. Not slim enough, not strong enough, not working hard enough. But it's so important to recognise your worth and acknowledge just how amazing you are, just as you are. If you follow all the above steps in emotionally decluttering your life you'll soon begin to realise you don't need to settle, you don't live to please other people, you'll feel grateful for what you have experienced and what you have now and figure out that you are amazing, and perfect just the way you are
7 Ways To Emotionally Declutter Your Life

7 Ways To Emotionally Declutter Your Life

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