To My Boy On Your Fifth Birthday

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Boy! I can't believe you are 5 already. 5! 

I remember looking into those beautiful blue eyes a minute after you were born, the most perfect little boy. With jet black hair and tanned skin, just the cutest little boy. I couldn't wait to bring you home and introduce you to your big sister and that's was the beginning of a very special relationship between you both. 

You've always been a real mama's boy though, my special little guy. You are the sweetest, kindest, happiest, silliest and most thoughtful boy I have ever met. You are an incredibly caring brother and the most perfect son any mum could wish for.

Your so welcoming and will happily chat to or play with any other child or family member and we all absolutely adore you. You're the best big brother and your little sister looks up to you so much, she always wants to play with you, follow you around and you happily play along. When she gets into your bed in the evening for stories, or plays cars with you on the kitchen floor, you're always there for her and I know you'll be there for her forever.

Your big sister absolutely adores you too, even if you argue now and then, she happily spend all day just being with you. She's been spending all of this week planning and making gifts for you, to ensure your birthday is extra special! 

You've blossomed into this incredibly sweet, clever, crazy little boy. The kindest boy with the best dance moves and kung fu skills! Haha

I love you so much little one, and I hope you have a really wonderful 5th birthday. You deserve it. 
My perfect little boy

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