Under The Sea Themed Crafts For Kids

Under The Sea Themed Crafts For Kids

We've been choosing a different topic to learn about each week, and our craft activities have been related to the topic too. We were recently learning about 'Under The Sea' so I wanted to share a couple of the fun things we created!

CD Fish
I was inspired by seeing cute, shiny fish made of CD's on Pinterest, we had to give them a go! I have lots of spare CD's and damaged DVD's, so I thought this would be the perfect way to upcycle them!

Under The Sea Themed Crafts For Kids

To make one CD Fish you will need:
* 2 CD's (per fish)
* Googly eyes
* Clear PVA Glue
* Coloured Felt
* White Thread
* Coloured gems/sparkles/or even acrylic paint!

1. To start with, you'll need to have all the materials prepared. Cut out a large fin shape out of coloured felt, a slightly smaller fin out of another colour, a tail out of another colour, and a mouth for your fish too!

2. Take one of the CD's and stick on the tail, fins and mouth. Make sure you stick it to the non shiny side!

3. Glue the other CD on top, so the felt pieces are sandwiched in the middle. Again, make sure the shiny side is on the outside.

4. Wait for it all to dry. Using the gems/sparkles or paint and decorate both outside sides of the fish, using as little or as many sparkles as needed!

5. Once dry again, attach 1 googly eye to either side of the fish, pop some thread through the centre of the CD's and hang them up!

Box Aquarium
I'll let you in on a secret, I've always wanted to make a little box aquarium since I was a child - and now I can help my little ones to make their own!

It was a great way to refresh their memories about the different creatures under the sea too!

Under The Sea Themed Crafts For Kids

To make this box aquarium, you will need:

* A box (we used a packaging box, but you could use any box - even a cereal box!)
* Blue & green paint
* Coloured felt, card or foam
* Googly eyes
* Green bottlecaps
* PVA glue
* Thread
* Craft Knife
* Plastic packaging (use anything you have! A bit of a plastic bag, a scrap of clingfilm - even tissue paper would work!)

1. To begin with, I cut out most of the one side of the box, leaving just the edges for a border.

2. Then we grabbed all of the blue and green paint to decorate the inside and outside of the aquarium! We mostly used different shades of blue, with a few splashes of green here and there.

3. While the box was drying, we started to create the little creatures!
The fish, submarine and crabs are simply cut out of felt, with googly eyes. The starfish is the same, but we glued on some sparkles too.

For the jellyfish, we cut out two identical pieces for the body, and uses cut up scraps of plastic bag for the legs. We glued the legs in the middle of the two body pieces, using pva glue and gave him some googly eyes too!

For the little sea turtles, we cut out the basic body shape, and glued on green bottle tops for their shells - and gave them some cute eyes too.

After all our little creatures were dry, I attached a length of thread to each one using tape on the back of them, and attached the other end of the thread to the inside of the box. 

What do you think? Will you be giving either of these crafts a go?

Under The Sea Themed Crafts For Kids
Under The Sea Themed Crafts For Kids - Box Aquarium

Under The Sea Themed Crafts For Kids - CD Fish Craft
Under The Sea Themed Crafts For Kids

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