Embracing Summer At Home

We're all very much homebodies in this house to be perfectly honest. We like our home comforts, spending time at home at we always all get along well. Now the warmer Summer weather has arrived, I know that everyone is so desperate to get out and about and be able to enjoy the Summer weather - so I wanted to share with you how we like to embrace this season while being at home, so hopefully you can get some ideas too!

Embracing Summer At Home
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First of all, we always go for walks together - we generally go for at least 3 walks, me and my eldest two (so they can practise riding their bikes, or go and climb some trees to burn some energy!) but without a doubt we always go for a walk on Sunday morning with my littlest too. It's a great way to start the day, a fab way to get some exercise and grab some good old Vitamin D! We just explore our town and never go too far, but it's a lovely way to spend some family time together too!

We also always give our three the opportunity to get outside in the back garden, the door is always open literally. Rain or sun I will not be stopping my little ones playing in the garden. They always grab some toys and move their games outside during the day at the moment, and I love to grab a book and sit out in the sunshine or even take 10 minutes to myself in the morning, to sit outside and drink that oh so special first cup of caffeine of the day!

Giving your garden a little revamp can also be a wonderful idea. Sprucing up your space with some new furniture, lighting or even a new hammock and hammock stand! Add a few cosy throws and cushions and you'll never want to leave your garden again! 

I also try to plan a few craft/sensory activities for my three each week, and those are pretty much always done outside! There's nothing better than sitting outside in the sunshine and painting a colourful picture, or creating a nature collage! 

We also always have some form of water to play with outside, whether it's a washing up bowl full of water so they can play with barbies in it, or a little paddling pool so everyone can dip their feet in and cool down! (My littlest never just paddles, she always immediately sits right in it, often fully clothed!)

Lastly another fab way you can really enjoy Summer in your back garden is to set up a little 'family festival'! We did it last year, and I cannot wait until it's the Summer holidays to do it all over again! I'm talking music, fancy drinks, icecreams, games, activities, relaxing on all the cushions and blankets together in the sun! And if you fancy going 'full festival mode' you could even set up a tent and have a full back garden camp out too! (Definitely doing that this year!)

It's been a tough year, but there's no reason you can't embrace the Summer while staying home!

How do you like to enjoy the hot weather at home?
Embracing Summer At Home

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