(AD/Review) BABY Born Surprise Series 4

BABY Born Surprise Dolls Series 4 - Review

BABY Born are such a classic range of toys. I remember one of the first dolls I ever played with when I was a child was a BABY Born doll!

We have previously reviewed the BABY Born Surprise dolls, but they have now released Series 4 (all with a cute magical/garden theme!).

BABY Born Surprise dolls are sweet little collectable baby dolls. There a great size for playing with other figures or little dolls, and not too small for younger children either. The dolls are about 11cm, and come with a gorgeous swaddle, nappy, bottle and birth certificate. Although the smaller accessories wouldn't be suitable for really young children, the doll itself doesn't have any small pieces. The Surprise dolls combine all the excitement of unboxing/surprise toys with collecting different sets. We all know children absolutely love unwrapping toys!

Each of the dolls come in cute packaging, with a sweet organza bag, ribbons and a plastic 'egg' to discover which doll you have inside!
BABY Born Surprise Dolls Series 4 - Review

In Series 4, there are 12 different babies to collect, and they all come with their own adorable little swaddle beds. With lots of different sweet flower designs, even a swan and a genie themed bed, your children will be so excited to collect the different ones!

When your little ones have opened up the packages and discovered their sweet babies sleeping inside, they'll need to wake them up! Gently wipe the babies eyes using warm water and a cloth and the baby's eyes will be uncovered and they'll discover what colour eyes the baby has! (I love this idea, it's so cute!)

Another fun thing you can do with the BABY Born Surprise dolls - you can feed them water with their little bottles and the water will soak through into their nappies, revealing a pattern on the nappies! 

The dolls we received were Dreamy Genie,  White Flower and Rose!
BABY Born Surprise Dolls Series 4 - Review

Dreamy Genie came with a gorgeous purple swaddle bed, with sweet short blonde hair and a little tiara. White Flower came with a beautiful white flower bed, with longer brown hair and a cute little flower hat (my boy claimed this one as his, and decided he was a boy. I'm honestly not sure which ones are boys or girls, but it doesn't matter at all). Rose came in a lovely pink flower bed, has ginger/brown short hair and also a little tiara. One thing I love most about this new series of BABY Born Surprise dolls, is they all have adorable little fairy wings too!

Again, we absolutely love this sweet range of BABY Born Surprise! The surprise element is always fun, and the dolls themselves are really cute! Even once the surprises have been revealed, your little ones will want to play with them again and again! All three of my children love playing with their dolls together. The dolls can help promote active play, roleplay and imagination, support the development of social skills, responsibility and empathy! They do look like a lot of fun!

BABY Born Surprise dolls are available from Smyths Toys or Amazon

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