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Back To School With Orchard Toys - Educational Games Review

It's officially Back To School time! Or the beginning of our homeschooling journey for us (have I mentioned it enough? Haha) So what better way to ease everyone back into learning than with some fab, fun and educational games!

Orchard Toys are a fantastic, timeless brand that create amazing games and puzzles for children. There main goal is to make learning fun and they absolutely do just that. They offer a huge range of games and jigsaws and each product is so unique, colourful, exciting and educational too!

We absolutely love Orchard Games in this house, and we had previously reviewed their Giraffes In Scarves game, which is fab.

We were kindly given the opportunity to review a couple more of their games, Mammoth Maths and Magic Spelling!

Back To School With Orchard Toys - Mammoth Maths Educational Games Review

Mammoth Maths
It's a fab little game that focuses on addition and subtraction. It's suitable for 5-8 year olds, so perfect for my older two. The aim of the game is to solve the different sums and travel around the board, collecting boulders on your Mammoth's trunks!

Once you think you have the correct answer, you can use the magic little torch to check it! Solve all your sums and travel around the board using your caveman characters, answer the sums each time you land on a relevant square or if you land on a feather, you use the feather card to tickle another Mammoth's trunk and they lose a boulder! Once you have collected all of your boulders, you can head back to the cave to win!

What's great about this game (as well as many other Orchard Toys games!) is that it's suitable for different maths abilities too. They're are easier and harder sums to do, addition or subtraction and what I really love is that it comes with a number line - on a bone! - to help younger children work our the answers to the sums! Also the fun little touch of the magic torch to check it answers, it makes it all the more exciting when they get the answer correct!

It's a fantastic little game for children, that'll help encourage them to enjoy learning maths! The quality of the game is excellent, as always with Orchard Toys, and the game is fun, vibrant and exciting to play!

Back To School With Orchard Toys - Magic Spellings Educational Games Review

Magic Spelling
Magic Spelling is slightly more complicated, but still just as fun! You choose a picture card and then pick up the magic fairy wand to search through the letter tiles - to find all the letters you need to correctly spell what's on your picture card - but there's a time limit! (For my 5 year old, I took away the timer but it definitely makes it more exciting!)

If you spell the word correctly, you can collect an ingredient for your spell, using your spellbook. Once you collect all the ingredients you get to say the magic words to cast the spell!

Although it seems to be a lot going on, once you get the hang of it, it's really easy and a lot of fun! My personal favourite part about this game is, once you collect all your silly, gruesome ingredients to cast the magic spell you need to do some form of physical activity (star jumps, turning on the spot etc) while shouting out the funny magic words!

It's a really fun and silly little game for children, the quality as always is excellent and I love the unique idea of the game!

Back To School With Orchard Toys - Educational Games Review

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