Basic Rules for Carpet and Rug Maintenance You Need to Know

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How to care for a carpet so that it pleases your eyes for as long as possible? There are simple carpet cleaning rules for carpets at residential homes:

*After wet cleaning, it is undesirable to lay the rug on the wet floor.

* From time to time, it is necessary to turn the rug, change its position so that it is possible to prevent the appearance of abrasions in those places where the greatest mechanical stress falls on the carpet.

* If there is heavy cabinet furniture on the carpet, then soft pieces of rubber should be placed under its legs.

* In order to remove greasy stains and other dirt from the carpet or rug, you just need to sprinkle them with wood sawdust soaked in gasoline.

* A vinegar solution (for 1 litre of water - 1 spoonful of vinegar) will help to renew the original colour of the carpet or rug. A brush moistened with this solution should be used in the direction of the carpet pile.

* The most important rule: your home carpet and rug need to be cleaned regularly, and not only with a vacuum cleaner. Deep carpet cleaning has to be done at least once a year. For this purpose, you should better use professional cleaning services, performed by a well-established cleaning company.

When Should You Clean Your Carpet?
Many people mistakenly believe that the domestic carpet cleaning process should be limited to using a vacuum cleaner. However, dust is not the only source of contamination of carpets, so other cleaning methods must be used.
First, it is important to learn how to identify when your carpet is in need of a clean. Generally, carpet cleaning is necessary in the following cases:

* when enough dust has simply accumulated in your carpet;

* when stains appear on the carpet (from wine, fat or chocolate), this usually happens after large-scale feasts and holidays;

* when your carpet starts to emit not very pleasant smells;

* when there are pets in your house that are not yet toilet trained (in this case, very often you have to seek help from carpet cleaning London based companies, since it is very difficult to remove the smell of animal urine).

* Obviously, if there are small children or animals in the house, then you will have to use steam carpet cleaning services much more often in order to disinfect the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Methods 
The so-called foam cleaning is quite popular today, when dirt is churned with a brush into foam, which can then be removed without problems. Dry cleaning of carpets is also used (when cleaning agents in the form of dry granules are rubbed into the carpet body), as well as hot water extraction carpet cleaning, when the process is carried out with a professional steam cleaning machine.
Carpet Cleaning with Soda
One of the easiest and safest ways to clean your carpet is to use baking soda. To prepare the desired solution, you need to take half a glass of soda and dissolve it in five litres of slightly warmed water. The solution should be sprayed evenly over the carpet surface. When 30-40 minutes have passed, the carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed.
In addition to the direct function of cleaning, soda also has the ability to return the carpet to its original colour.
Carpet Cleaning with Vinegar
If you want your carpet to look bright and beautiful again, use a vinegar solution to clean it. It is prepared very simply: you need to take a tablespoon of vinegar for a litre of warm water. If the carpet is heavily soiled, you can additionally add a spoonful of cleaning powder to the solution.
It is necessary to thoroughly clean the entire area of ​​the carpet in the direction of the pile with a brush moistened with this solution. Then, after half an hour, the carpet is gently blotted with a sponge and vacuumed.
Powder Carpet Cleaning
To remove stubborn dirt or stains from the carpet surface, use a powder detergent. There is a large selection of such products in stores, and the entire carpet cleaning procedure is usually described in detail in the instructions for a particular product.
The cleaning powder should be spread evenly over the surface of the carpet and rubbed thoroughly into the product. The powder granules will immediately begin to absorb the dirt from the fibres. After a while, the powder will need to be removed from the carpet using a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Home carpets tend to get dirty pretty quickly. Even if the pollution is not visible at first glance, this does not mean that they are clean. Carpet fibres are ideal conditions for the accumulation of dust and dirt particles, which can be an excellent medium for the development of harmful microorganisms. Therefore, deep carpet cleaning should be done efficiently and regularly. 

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