Buying A 2 Berth Caravan - Perfect For Family Adventures

*This is a collaborative post written in partnership with Bailey of Bristol

Some of the wonderful holiday memories I have from my childhood are going on holiday with my grandparents, in their caravan. I have a lot of cousins and we used to take it in turns of who would go away with our grandad and nanny.

I have such fond memories of those times, you can't beat a good old caravan holiday!

Caravan holidays have been a regular occurrence for British holidaymakers for years and over the past few years, the popularity of buying caravans and motorhomes have hugely increased. Now that caravan sites have been allowed to open again, it's the perfect time for a UK caravanning staycation! Click here for more info on social distancing holidays.

It's a great way to explore different parts of the UK - whether you prefer the countryside, busy towns or seaside holidays, there is something for everyone when it comes to a caravan holiday! 

They offer flexibility, as you can set your own routine, go where you want, stay how long you want to stay and see all the sites you want to see! Although there's an initial payment when buying a caravan or motorhome, they can be really cost-effective too. Just think about how much you'd save on the cost of flights, hotel rooms, catering or even having to rent one!

I honestly cannot wait to take my children on their first caravan holiday - it'll feel like such an adventure for all of us! A different sort of freedom you can't get from other holidays.

I can't wait until our family caravan holidays become a reality, but did you know you can also get 2 berth caravans that are suitable for couples, single people or even a parent and child? These are smaller and more compact caravans, normally with seating that can be made up into a double bed.

Bailey of Bristol sells a range of 2 berth caravans, all of which are compact, modern and lightweight - with different options from the Unicorn Black Edition, Phoenix and Discovery ranges.


Martin Bailey designed and built the first Bailey caravan in his Bristol garage, it then grew into a big family business. With over 70 years of experience now, they are still pushing the boundaries of engineering to help provide fun adventures for us all!

The current Bailey of Bristol range is built with Alu-Tech construction, which is a new approach to body shell construction. Using the unique aluminium interlocking framework to clamp the body panels together, Bailey creates a durable, long-lasting and robust shell. 

I definitely recommend visiting their website if you are interested in purchasing a new caravan, where you can find all the specifications and prices. Plus, you can even check out their virtual showroom, which offers 360ยบ  tours of their vehicles, so you can get an idea of exactly what you are looking for. You can even find a local retailer on the Bailey of Bristol website so you know where you can visit the caravans in person (check retailer websites for social distancing arrangements before you visit)

Have you ever considered purchasing a 2 berth caravan?

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