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Shopping For Toddler Essentials With VERY.co.uk (Review)

 After having my three children, I feel like I have finally figured the real 'essentials' you need (or at least our family needs) when raising children. I mean babies are pretty easy right, in terms of what you actually need to buy but when they get to that toddler stage, you're going to want to stock up!

Safety products are absolutely essential for when your little ones are begin to get around the house a bit more, somewhere to eat, something to help them sleep at night - not to mention, products to entertain, calm and help you all create a positive, happy family routine. 

I've been collaborating with Very.co.uk and I wanted to share some of the products I feel, are truely essential when you have a toddler running around! If you check out their baby and toddler section, you are sure to find everything you might need. 
If there's one thing that I'd class as absolutely essential when you're raising a toddler, it's a stair gate - and trust me, you'll want to install one sooner rather than later! Toddlers are curious, cheeky little creatures and the second they start standing up and walking around, they will be absolutely everywhere, trust me! 

The Hauck Open'n Stop Safety gate is a safe and sturdy safety gate, perfect for blocking off rooms or for the top or bottom of the stairs. 

It's really easy and quick to install, and can honestly take you minutes to put it up. It's installed using clamps and pressure mounting it between walls or doorways, which is fab as it requires no screwing or drilling - plus it's perfect if you are in a rented home as it'll leave no trace when you take it down!

High Chairs - 

Hauck Alpha+ Wooden Highchair

I absolutely love wooden highchairs. They're just so much prettier than the plastic alternatives aren't they? Not only do they look nicer, but they are easier to clean and last much longer too.

The Hauck Alpha+ Wooden Highchair is suitable from around 6 months up until 90kg, with the seat and footplate being completely adjustable, and the harness straps removable as your child grows up. 

A few things I particularly love about this highchair - one is the design. It's not just your basic highchair shape, the legs sort of curve at the bottom, making the chair more sturdy and tilt proof! Ideal for any wriggly toddler!

The second thing I love is the height! The Hauck Alpha+ Highchair isn't as tall as most highchairs, it's actually lower, meaning it can fit under the dining table so your little one can join you at dinnertime, as opposed to have to sit on their own. 

The highchair is really great quality, strong and sturdy and the harness is safe and well made. I will say, the harness can get a bit tangled when not in use, it's a bit of a faff having to untangle it, and clip it back together each time you pop your little one in the chair - but once it's done up, it's perfect.

I do need to mention, one downside to this highchair is the fact that it doesn't actually come with the tray. So if you are looking to use it as a standalone highchair, as opposed to sitting your little one at the table - you will need to purchase the tray separately, which is slightly ridiculous if I'm honest. 

Potty Training -

My Potty Friend Review

As your toddler begins to grow, potty training will soon be needed! Although my littlest isnt quite ready for potty training yet, she is beginning to show signs she's interested. 

My Potty Friend is a fantastic little potty that looks like a realistic little toilet, with a cute little face! It has a 'flush' and a toilet roll holder, as well as a fully functional seat with lid.

When your children is the age to begin potty training, they can use the potty with stage 1. As your average potty, with fun, musical additions! The potty has lots of singalong sounds and music, as well as encouraging and congratulating your child when they use it correctly. Stage 2 allows you to remove the potty seat and attach it to your real toilet, to ease the transition. 

I love the happy, upbeat and cheerful look of the potty, i'm sure it'll make the whole potty training more exciting and fun for everyone involved!

Baby Monitors - 

VTech Safe & Sound Monitor LCD & Light Show Review

VTech Safe & Sound Monitor LCD & Light Show review

I've always used baby monitors, in fact I've pretty much had one since my eldest was little. Although their bedroom is a door away, and they've always napped in view of us, it's just the peace of mind really. 

I normally go for the typical, most basic baby monitors, I didn't really need anything else - at least I didn't think I needed anything else! That was until I discovered the VTech Safe & Sound Monitor with LCD & Light show. This monitor is far more than just a baby monitor!

It's a baby monitor, that plays lullabies and gives a beautiful little light show too! My littlest simply cannot sleep without some form of sound (I'm just the same to be honest!) whether it's white noise or lullabies, so be able to find a product that not only works as a baby monitor, plays lullabies but has a light show too - I was completely sold! Plus, it allows you to talk through the monitor too!

It's a fantastic product, and I wish I had bought it when my older two were little. The lullabies are really sweet (albeit, a bit short) but the light show is really beautiful to watch, showing a night sky with all the planets and the moon, fading in and out, glowing all across the room.

The monitor is really easy to set up, and connects quickly. With the touch of a button the lullabies and light show will begin. Both the monitors run on mains too, which makes it easier and I don't need to worry about the batteries running out. 

Rocking Seats - 

Fisher-Price Infant To Toddler Rocker Review

Every new parent, I will tell them the same thing - you absolutely 100% need to buy a rocker/bouncy chair. They have been an absolute godsend for me, with each of my 3 babies. It gives you the opportunity to take a few minutes to yourself, so you aren't constantly holding your baby and if you're lucky - you might be able to grab a hot cuppa while your little one is happily playing in their seat.

I loved the sound of the Fisher-Price Infant To Toddler Rocker, because it can be suitable for very young babies, all the way up to toddler age. My littlest loves sitting in her new little chair, she'll play with toys in it, eat her snacks in it and just take some quiet time in it. 

The seat is really high quality, the fabric is so soft and good material and it was really easy to put together, I did it in about 5 minutes. The seat frame itself is strong and sturdy, not thin and flimsy like some baby seats and the material is easy to wipe, or remove if it needs a quick go in the washing machine.

If you are using the seat for a baby, you can recline it so your baby is lying down and they can play with the toys on the bar over their head. As your baby grows up, you can tilt the seat more upright, and remove the bar so they can just use it as a comfy little chair. I love it! I only wish I had discovered the seat sooner!

You can find all of these products over at the Very Baby And Toddler Promotion on right now!

What do you think of my picks? 
What other toddler essentials would you recommend?

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