Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

 * This is a collaborative post

To many of our dismays, winter is fast approaching and we have to say goodbye to the comforting warmth of the summer sun. As the winter months draw closer and the days get shorter, we need everything on our side to help us keep positive and happy. A good place to start is our interiors, so with this in mind here’s a few tips. 

Even though it’s dark and gloomy outside, doesn’t meant it has to be completely miserable! Forget the spring clean, winter is the perfect time to get things sorted. After all it’s cold and dark outside, so we may as well get things ship shaped in our homes! This is especially important with the current climate. Use the dark evenings as a chance to get things squeaky clean. A lick of paint never goes amiss or even consider changing the colour of the whole room if you’re wanting to do something a little more drastic or make a statement. 

When it comes to flooring, we know that people don’t replace their flooring every time the seasons change. A natural solid oak floor fits in beautifully with all seasons – warm and comforting in the winter but bright and fresh in the summer. The best thing it that it’ll retain its colour all year round. If you prefer a more traditional, dark colour then acadia wood works really well. 

There’s nothing worse than leaving the house in the dark and coming home in it, that’s why you need to get your home in perfect order so you enjoy coming back to it! Invest in some bright cushions, get some snuggly new throws, change the curtains or even go for a new rug – fluffier the better! Picking a theme is a great place to start too, it’ll give you some focus on so you don’t feel over whelmed with all the fabulous homeware available.

We all want our homes ready for Christmas, clearing clutter to make way for the tree or cupboard space for those naughty festive treats! With it looking like we’re going to spend a lot of time indoors this winter, now’s your opportunity to do a good old deep winter clean. Vacuum behind the sofas, get the curtains down and give them a clean, wash the walls from dirty finger marks, remove those cobwebs from the cellar. Nobody wants to be stuck in, but we might as well get things as pleasant as we can for ourselves!  

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