Halloween Gift Baskets For Kids

We love Halloween in this house! It's a great time for the whole family to have some fun! 

Halloween Gift Baskets For Kids Ideas

I love to create little gift baskets for seasons, and seeing as this year we aren't able to enjoy all the normal Halloween activities, I definitely thought my three deserved a little treat. Gift baskets are a great way to celebrate different occasions with your children but it doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money, you've just got to be creative!

Halloween Gift Baskets For Kids Ideas

I haven't put a huge amount of 'useful' items in their gift basket this year, but they all really deserved a treat so I put lots of tasty goodies and fun little items instead. It's a pretty budget gift basket this year, most things were less than £1 aside from the soft toys and the box was free, I just covered it with paper.

Halloween Gift Baskets For Kids Ideas
* Funnybones Book - available here
* Meg & Mog Book - available here
* A Monster Surprise Book (Twinkl Original) - We were sent this free as we are part of Twinkl Book Club
* Totally Nasty Science Activity Set - available here
* Halloween Temporary Tattoos - available here

Halloween Gift Baskets For Kids Ideas

*Slime Play Packs - available here
* Activity Books - free printable from here
* Fingers Puppets and Monster Pop Up Toys - available here
* Fillable Pumpkins - similar here

Have you ever made a Halloween Gift Basket before?


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Halloween Gift Basket For Kids

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