5 Home Renovation Ideas for Energy Efficiency

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Renovating your home for energy efficiency significantly improves energy performance beyond weatherization. It means consuming less energy to perform your normal activities. It can result in better comfort, reduce your energy bills, and give you a more appealing space to live in without having to move out. For starters, you need a professional to conduct an energy audit of your home and recommend the best improvements.

These improvements can be:
Proper insulation
To reduce the heating and cooling cost of your home, insulate your walls, ceiling, and floors. Insulation is a long-term investment that can help you save up to 45% on your energy bills if properly installed. If either of these parts is missing insulation, has holes, or has inadequate insulation, replace it. Install insulation that will prevent air from leaking by trapping it. This way, as your HVAC system runs during winter or summer, you're using less energy.

Replace fixtures and appliances
Kitchen appliances and lighting fixtures consume a lot of energy if they are not energy-saving. If you have fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, replace them with their LED and CFL alternatives that consume less energy and last longer. Also, they give off less heat, burn brightly, and don't make noise when switched on. They are also some of the most affordable options in the market.
If you’re thinking about creating a spa bathroom, you can get energy-efficient ambient lights that will not only help you save on cash but also give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

Window treatments
Window treatments are one of the most inexpensive ways to make your home more energy-efficient. While some installations are for d├ęcor, they can also be functional. Install treatments that reduce the amount of warm air you lose or cool air that your home retains. Window treatments reduce energy costs by controlling the amount of heat that enters your room on sunny days and allowing you to use less of the air conditioner.

To optimize the reduction of costs on energy, consider installing treatments like shutters, blinds, drapes over soft treatments. They are more effective in blocking heat from the outside and retaining heat from the inside. Also, they can provide sustainability and style.

Manage and dispose of waste properly
To manage waste produced by your household, create an area for disposal. You can hire professional waste disposal bins to help you save on energy costs and also protect the environment.

Add natural lighting
Natural lighting such as a skylight can be an excellent focal point for your home, but it can also be of economic benefit. They increase energy efficiency by improving air ventilation, heating, and interior lighting. However, before any installations, check the U.S Department of Energy recommendations and consult a professional.

Bottom line
If your home is costing you too much money, renovations can allow you to keep your home in the best condition and also make it more energy-efficient. Install window treatments, add natural lighting, and manage your waste disposal. Also, replace energy-consuming appliances and fixtures and insulate your walls, floors, and ceiling.

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