Choosing The Ideal Flooring For Your Home

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Excitement from the Ground Up
There is always a great sense of excitement when you decide to instigate a change within the home, no matter how big that change is going to be in execution.
When redecorating an entire room there are many factors to be excited about. The choices between wallpaper or paint, blinds or curtains, curtains or hardwood floors and many others create a lot of enthusiasm for your household project. One recommendation to consider is starting from the ground up with the right flooring.

Starting at Base Level
The floor to any room you work on will always be your foundation to build upon.
Making the decision over what to layer the room with should come with a fair amount of consideration on many different potential challenges. Carpet, hardwood or tile may not be suitable for many different requirements your room has, with four in particular that will play a major part in your decision to opt towards something like Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

You want to set something impressive, but your budget will always be the biggest factor. If renovating an entire room, you may want to reduce your spend on your flooring. This means the best option could be Luvanto due to its highly replicated planks and tiles that are a much cheaper alternative to real hardwood or stone flooring.

Considering Forces
Pets and children should always be at the forefront of plans with your flooring. As they provide a fun and vibrant household, they also can provide challenges from scratches and scuffs to your floor. 
Pets get excited from the cat running around the house in the night to the dog barking at the postman, whereas children have toys that roll across the floors. All of these can present scratches and wearing, so choosing vinyl flooring’s scratch resistance ensures the room keeps consistent.

If your room is a typically active room for household traffic, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring offers the highest rate of durability. To be able to withstand all of the years ahead it is developed with many hardware layers whilst still providing comfort underfoot, making it perfect for underfloor heating also.
Cleaning up after accidents, whether yourself, children or pets also plays into Luvanto’s strengths. Utilising decades of research into creating the best product to battle the most common problems flooring face, Luvanto brings anti-stain and water and moisture resistance technologies to your home. These integrated elements within the planks and tiles ensure that simple maintenance in the form of a sweep and mop keep the floors the way you want them to be.

When looking to renovate a room to last a long time, choose Luvanto luxury vinyl tile to support your creative inspiration for much longer. 

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