Looking After You - I Made A Book!

Looking After You - 100 Self Care Ideas For Mums

We all know I can be a tad preachy when it comes to looking after ourselves, and taking time out - but that's because it's important!

I know many mums who very rarely manage to find time for themselves, and when they do manage to get some time, generally in the evenings - we are pretty much always too knackered to want to do anything at all. And that's totally normal, but I'm here to say, I want you to work hard this year to make that time for you.

Whether it's half an hour before the kids wake up in the morning, or 5 minutes while you bung them in front of Netflix in the afternoon - find that time!

Anyway, moving on to what this post was actually supposed to be about..
I've published a book!

Looking After You - 100 Self Care Ideas For Mums

It's called "Looking After You -100 Self Care Ideas For Busy Mums, During The Colder Months". It's full to the brim with ideas of different ways you can practice self care, and really, just appreciate yourself that little bit more. I've included 100 different, easy and quick ideas - so you've got one for every day of Winter (plus a few extra in case there's something you don't fancy trying).

I feel like 2020 inspired this book, because it was a completely suckish year, it was hard on everyone, and I think on behalf of all mums to young children out there, I can safely say 2020 was exhausting, and 2021 is too to be honest so far! We are having to pile our plates up so high, taking on far more than we are physically capable of, and it's knackering! 
And as we have so much to do, so much on our minds, so much to tackle each and every day - taking time out for ourselves, let's be honest, isn't going to be particularly high on our to-do lists!

But it bloody well should be, and because we've got so much on our plates is the exact reason we need to look after ourselves more too. 

So let this book be your manual, let it be part of your daily to-do list over the next few months, schedule in your diary if you need to, a few minutes every day to pick an activity, take a god damn time out and look after you!

You can buy the book here if you would like! Paperback or Kindle options available, I would be so grateful if you picked up a copy!

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