This Is 30

This Is 30. Thoughts on my 30th birthday

Today is officially my 30th birthday! (29 with an encore right?!) Each year my birthday becomes less and less of a big deal, and that's ok - we are all busy living our own lives, and I have 3 wonderful, but exhausting children so finding time to have a 10 minute break is a gift nowadays. 

I don't know how I pictured my life would be when I was 30, lots of changes and decisions, and complete U turns have been made in the 29 years leading up to this birthday. 7 years ago tomorrow, my eldest was born and that was it, the pivotal moment in my life when I knew who I was, who I want to be. First and foremost, a mother. A freaking good one if I can help it!

In the path leading up to the big 30 I've realised many things. That I absolutely love being a mother, more than anything in the whole world - it's who I was always meant to be. 

I've realised that you may find your soulmate in the most unexpected places, during the weirdest time in your life. But you'll grow together, you'll fall in love together, and you'll realise you meeting when and where you did, was exactly what was supposed to happen.

This Is 30. Thoughts on my 30th birthday

I've realised that when I used to worry, as a teenager (growing up with MySpace & Bebo!) that I didn't have that many 'friends', that this is in fact so so unimportant. Obviously I didn't think so at the time, but I've grown up to realise you don't need a huge group of 'friends', and you probably wont grow up remaining friends with your teenage friends either. One day, along the journey that is your life - your true best friends will appear, just like that. You'll instantly know when you've found them.

Now I'm 30, I've realised I'm the heaviest I've ever been. (3 kids later, still breastfeeding #3, I'm not surprised!) but I'm ok with it. I'm happy, I'm healthy and the clothes size that I wear doesn't affect who I am at all. 

I have realised what I want to do, where I would like my path to go next.

I have realised being 30 feels no different to being 29. Or 28. Or 27. etc.

I have realised there is no time when you'll think "Yup, I'm a real grown up now".

I've realised I'm 30, and I'm pretty fucking amazing.

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