To My Youngest On Your Second Birthday

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! I can't believe you are two already.

You're no longer my tiny little baby, you're a cheeky, sweet, thoughtful little monster of a toddler! 

Your current nickname is "Beasty" (in the most affectionate way of course!)  You love nothing more than making a massive mess, eating all the snacks, playing with your brother and sister, and watching Peppa Pig!

You've changed so incredibly much over the past year, saying so many words now - even a whole sentence yesterday! ("Me, sit there!" Pointing to a chair) I love how much you are talking now, and trying your hardest to repeat back words to us. You're a clever little cookie for sure!

You're still very much a Daddy's girl, and love nothing more than snuggling in Daddy's arms to have a doze, or staying up late with him and having a midnight snack! You love Daddy cuddles so much, but you are always calling my name if you need help, if you're upset, tired or have woken up in the night.

Your current favourite activities are drawing and dancing, both of which you are fantastic at! Our fridge is covered in your beautiful scribbly pictures (our furniture is covered in scribbles too! Haha) and you love showing off your dance moves anytime we have music playing. You always ask me to watch you dance, or ask me to make a video of you which is so freaking adorable.

You are so different to your brother and sister at this age, but you're amazing. You've blossomed into a sweet, kind, brave and clever little toddler and I love you so much.

Happy Birthday Little One xxxx

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