New Items You Need in Your House for Kids

*This is a collaborative post

It is quite possibly an understatement to say that this last year has felt like three, especially if you have children. Between the home schooling, entertaining, keeping activities fresh and interesting, and making sure they get their daily exercise in, sometimes we just have to think outside of the box and plough on with a fresh bunch of new ideas.

If you need some help breaking out of a rut, then read this piece to get inspiration for some new ideas to keep your children both entertained and stimulated, and at the same time breathe some new life into your home.

A Whiteboard
Trying to get your children to pay attention is difficult even in the best of times, let alone when you are trying to teach maths. One of the most fun parts of being a child at school was being able to interact with the whiteboard. Do not worry if you are not tech-savvy, a simple whiteboard with wipeable marker pens is just as fun and can help children engage with their learning much more efficiently. You are also much more likely to remember information if you write it down, so this combination is a win-win! 

Discovery Kits
A pond may or may not feel like the most exciting setting to you, but to your children it can be a whole new world to explore – and you might be surprised to find that rubbing off on you too! With everything being closed due to lockdown, we are finding ourselves desperately trying to keep ourselves and our children entertained outside, even in the freezing cold weather. This is why discovery kits are a great extra to everyone getting fresh air and learning at the same time. There are plenty to choose from, so there is sure to be one that interests the whole family. 

An Interactive Game
The most common default for children now when they are having downtime is to hop on their tablet or the computer and get engrossed in a game. And while video games can be beneficial for children, old-school games are refreshing in that can be played with someone else, which can be both stimulating and facilitate bonding time. Why not get hold of Twister, or treat the house to a football table game where everyone can join in and blow off steam together? Not only will it break up the day, but it will give everyone a break from screens, too. 

A Comfy Sitting Area
Being able to separate work from home can be even more difficult when our workspace is within the home! Sitting at the kitchen table all day to do schoolwork or working from home can make you feel like the house is not actually your home anymore. Invest in some comfy bean bags or floor cushions that can be moved anywhere, and make your own little escape nest wherever you see fit – these can also fit under home-made tents and duvet fortresses, and offer a space for some much-needed relaxing. And make sure to remember to bring the snacks too!

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