5 Little Known Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Rates

*This is a collaborative post

Car insurance is esoteric to a lot of people, and many assume that the deal they have is the best they can get or close to it. However, there are tons of different factors that could affect how much you pay on insurance. There are some things that you could do today to reduce your costs that you may not have been aware of and don't require much effort either. Let’s take a look at a few little-known ways that you could reduce your car insurance rates.

Change Your Marital Status
Did you know that getting married could save you money on car insurance? As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that married couples in their 30s could save as much as £200 just by tying the knot. This mainly has to do with accident statistics. It turns out that single drivers are about twice as likely to be involved in an accident than married couples. 

Add Someone with Experience
Another thing you could do is add an experienced driver with a clean record to your policy. This can be one of your parents, for instance. This could allow you to save as much as £426 on your car insurance. However, you have to make sure that they’re secondary drivers, or else you could end up violating your policy.

Comparison Sites
As you are likely aware, some websites will allow you to compare hundreds of insurance providers and get a new policy right on the spot. You can compare car insurance and take out a new policy here if you want to ensure you’re getting the best rate on your car insurance. 

Lower Your Voluntary Excess
Voluntary excess is the amount of money you’re ready to pay out of pocket in case you need to make a claim. Most people would assume that increasing their voluntary excess would lower their premium, but in some cases the opposite is true. It’s estimated that lowering your voluntary excess from £500 to £250 could reduce your policy by as much as 25%.

Get New Gadgets
Adding equipment that will make the car more secure could also reduce your insurance costs. Just adding a dashcam to your vehicle could allow you to save as much as 12.5% per year. Young drivers can save even more at 20%. 

Things like steering locks, mechanical immobilisers, and GPS trackers are all big winners with insurance companies, so don’t hesitate to ask them if they have recommendations to make. It’s also important because some things you might assume would reduce your rates, like locking wheel nuts and a GPS tracker, could actually increase them, so make sure you verify this first.

As you can see, there are tons of different ways that you can save on car insurance. So, go out there and do whatever you can to keep those costs as low as possible.

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