Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Homework

*This is a collaborative post

Supporting your child’s learning journey is important for their overall success and development, and one aspect of this is homework. Most kids hate the idea of doing their homework, as it’s boring and they’d rather be doing just about anything else. It’s your job as a parent to try and make homework more of a positive experience for them so that they can thrive in school. You don’t have to be great at a particular subject in order to help, it’s more about your attitude and involvement. Here are some top tips from a prep school in Somerset.

Start by talking to your child about their homework on a regular basis, don’t just leave them to it. Before they start, ask them what it is they have to do and once they’ve finished, ask them how they found it. Just by talking and listening, you will be helping your child feel more motivated as it will show them that you have a genuine interest in how well they do. It will also give them a chance to ask you questions if they get stuck.

Remember to praise your child once they have successfully completed a piece of homework. It can be easy to forget to reward your child when they’re doing something that they’re expected to do every day, but children thrive on praise. Let them know you’re proud of them for working hard and prioritising their homework over leisure time. 

Another way to help your child with their homework is to set up a dedicated study area so that they have somewhere where they can quietly concentrate. There will need to be good lighting and a clear work surface and there certainly shouldn’t be any distractions around, like a TV or a games console. Make sure the rest of the family know not to interrupt your child when they are in their study zone.

Be patient with your child. There will be times when they get upset or feel frustrated if they are struggling with their homework but try not to get mad. Instead, remind them that they’re not going to be perfect at homework every single time and the whole point in it is for their teachers to understand which areas of study they need to work on. Contact the school if you have genuine concerns about your child’s progress if they continue to find homework difficult. 

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