Car Safety Tips For Your Family Road Trip

*This is a collaborative post
It wasn't so long ago that family road trips were off the cards. We don't need to tell you why! But as we are now being told by the powers that be that we can travel again, now is the time to consider a few days away by car! Hoorah!

Of course, we still need to follow all safety protocols attributed to the Coronavirus. And when it comes to safety, we need to focus on our car too! So, if you're thinking about taking a family road trip in the weeks and months to come, here are some tips to help you put safety first.

#1: Make sure your car is roadworthy
Before going on any long journey, it is always important to check the state of our cars. After all, the last thing we want to happen is a breakdown, especially when considering the expense and safety of our children. The first thing you need to do then is get your car serviced. If there are any obvious or hidden faults, you can get these rectified before your trip.

If your car has long passed its prime and the cost of repairs will cost you more than a second-hand car, you have two choices. Firstly, check out the new or used cars at your nearest dealer and replace your ailing motor. Or rent a car for your trip, which can sometimes be a good idea if you don't yet have the funds to purchase a replacement vehicle. 

#2: Make last-minute checks before your trip
A day or two before your trip, do what you can to prepare your car for the journey. Top up with oil if necessary and make sure there is water in the windshield water reservoir. Check for any problems with your tyres, such as low air pressure or a hidden puncture, and do what is necessary to resolve any issues. And make sure your car contains what you need for your trip, such as a first-aid kit, a GPS device, and bottles of water. When all is in order, you are good to go.

#3: Make sure car seats are fitted correctly
If your children require booster seats, it is important to make sure these are fitted correctly. There is some useful advice at Which if you need any guidance. Remember to check that your children are belted in safely throughout the journey too, be they in a booster seat or sitting on the back seat of your car. 

#4: Be a safe driver
We know this is obvious but we can all take risks when driving. Our advice: Don't! Keep to the speed limit, even if you running late to get to your destination. Resist the urge to look at your phone and only use it if you have a hands-free kit installed in your car. Don't succumb to road rage, even if there are ignorant drivers on the road. And brush up on your Highway Code if you are unsure what certain road signs mean. The safer you are, the safer your family will be, so be a sensible driver. 

Follow all of these tips and your family road trip will be a much safer one! We hope you have a great time, wherever you decide to travel. 

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