Setting Goals and Taking Actionable Steps Today

Setting goals are so important. Whether you are the type of person to just *click* make decisions just like that, and decide that's what you want to do next, or you're the type of person who has to write everything down and meticulously plan every step of the way to reach where you want to go - you're still setting goals. 

The difference between these two people is one of them is actively working towards their goal each and every day, and the other one isn't. Which one do you think is more likely to succeed? 

setting goals and taking actionable steps today

Goals are great, they help us plan and decide the next direction of our life - help us get to where we want to go, what we want to do, who we want to be. Setting goals is the fun, easy part - keeping up with those goals is the real challenge. The key to following through with your goals is to turn them into more manageable steps, and working on them every, damn, day. It's about self-discipline, determination and planning. The key points of getting where you want to go!

Setting your goals

It's time to establish your goals. Don't just leave them in the back of your mind. Write them down, create a vision board for each goal. Whatever works for you. Personally I find it much easier to focus on one specific goal at at a time, at least during the planning stages. It doesn't mean you can't work towards multiple goals at a time but when figuring out exactly what you need to do, focus all your energy on one goal at a time. 

Another tip is to make each goal as specific as you can. Whether you want to own a company, publish a book, become debt free or run a half marathon - whatever your goals are you need to be able to measure your achievements along the way.  

Organise Them

Having a huge bunch of life goals can be absolutely overwhelming. I tend to break my goals down into individual topics. Obviously the topics are completely up to you, if you wish to organise yourself this way too, but here are the topics I tend to use; Family, Home, Career, Self Care, Health, Lifestyle. 

I also recommend sorting out your goals into life goals, 5 year goals, one year goals. Some of your goals won't take years to achieve, some may not even take months. For things like exercising more, drinking enough water, starting a new habit - these can all be done in less than a year. 5 year goals will take you a little more time, but not a big chunk of your life - things such as learning to drive, makeover your home, start a new business. Some goals will take many years to work towards, but that doesn't make them any less achievable, you just need to create a plan!

Plan Steps

As I mentioned above, during these planning stages, it's easier to focus on just one of your more long term goals at at time. This is because you'll want to plan out each step of the way and that can take time and all the motivation. The easiest way to plan out your big goals is to organise it into three steps. 

Life goals, five year goals and one year goals. Again, some things can just go straight onto the one year or five year goal plan, but the bigger goals will need individual steps. For example;

If one of your life goals is to run a marathon, your 5 year goal to work towards that could be to run a half marathon, and your 1 year goal could be to start running, and run a 5k. 

However, as I am a planner, I like to meticulously plan things down to every last detail. (It doesn't mean it cant be adjusted or changed at a later date) but here's how I like to set out and plan my goals. Write down your ideas and stay determined. Splitting goals into bitesize chunks make them so much more manageable, and realistic! 

Setting Goals and Taking Actionable Steps Today

1. Start with your 'life goals'. Write them down (Ideally focus on one first. Then once you planned it out, move on to another). So pick one goal to work through first and ask yourselves these questions. 

2. Move onto your five year goals. What one or two things can you do in the next five years, to work towards your main goal?

3. Now your one year goals. What one thing can you do this year, to work towards your five year goal?

4. Now monthly goals. What one thing can you get done, this month, to work towards your one year goal?

5. Weekly goals. What one thing can you do this week, to work towards your monthly goal?

6. Daily goals. What one thing you can do today, to work towards your weekly goals?

7. What can you do right now? Right this second. To work towards your daily goal.

Take One Step Today

Like I said, I'm a planner. I'll write my daily to-do list the night before, and I'll go over it and update it in the morning, and probably throughout the day too. This is the perfect opportunity to go over your goals. Perhaps at the start of each month, you could go over your goals and see what steps you can take this month. Maybe every Sunday night you could see what steps you can take this week, and every morning you can plan what you want to achieve that day. 

And anytime you are feeling that burst of motivation, after your morning coffee or the very first thing you do in the morning, take that little leap today.

What is one of your life goals? 


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Setting goals and taking actionable steps today!

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