6 Great Ideas To Maximise The Potential Of Your Spare Room

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We’ve all got that one room in the house that doesn’t have a defined purpose. It’s a storage space, a dumping ground, and a guest room all rolled into one. And after the last year, for many of us, it’s turned into a work-from-home space too. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your spare room can go from a place with no purpose to a destination that you and your guests look forward to using. Whether you’re reimagining the spare room for a new purpose, or it has to have several end uses all rolled into one, there are ways to make it feel like a room you’re proud of.

Here are 6 great ideas for you to fully realise the potential of your spare room. 

A Sofa That Gives You Options
For many of us, our spare rooms have to tick a lot of boxes. You need a space for visiting guests, a place to explore your crafty side, and maybe you need to utilise it for working at home. That’s why you need furniture that can do more than one thing too. A brilliant place to start is the sofa that you choose. Going for one that gives you endless options means you can tick all your boxes without taking up tonnes of space. You could go for a day bed that couples as a sweet place to lounge and sleeping arrangements for guests. Or opt for something with a little luxury like a leather sofa bed. You get a sofa that transforms into a bed all while looking beautiful. What’s not to love?

Paint For Your Mood
Did you know that colour has a massive impact on our mood and work output? That’s why choosing the right colour for your spare room is so important. If you need to work or sleep in there, go for calming blue tones. They’ll keep you relaxed enough for sleep, and you’ll feel like you can handle that 50 person Zoom call with ease.

If the room is going to be a home for your creative prowess, consider painting it yellow. It might sound scary, but yellow is actually brilliant for stimulating our creative side. But if the spare room has a lot of purposes, stick to neutrals. You can bring in pops of colour as shapes on the walls. It’ll make the room feel fresh and modern with very little work.

Create A Home Office Space That Inspires
Most people need their spare room as a home office. But uncertainty with coronavirus and working from home means that not much effort has been put into place. More than likely, you’re sharing the space with kids’ toys and laundry. And who can blame you? It’s been a tough year, so some things have fallen by the wayside.

But taking the time to realise the potential of your spare room means giving it life and purpose. So if you need to transform it into a home office, get a little creative with it. Sitting at a desk staring at the walls for 8 hours a day is tedious. First, try switching up the layout. If you can make it so you have a view of the outside world, then you’re onto a winner. And if you can’t, welcome some plant babies into the room. Plants help you relax and bring the outside in.

Make Your Own Private Library
If you really want to indulge and have a spare room that friends and family are jealous of, why not make your own private library. It’s the perfect place to retreat after a long day. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get cheap bookcases and spruce them up with a lick of paint. Then all you need is a cosy chair, a rug or two, and you’re good to go.

If you don’t have the space to devote an entire room to reading, you can have a nod to a library in your multi-purpose spare room. Even just one modern bookcase with artistically placed books and trinkets will give you the feel of library luxury.

Indulge In A Walk-In Wardrobe
If books aren’t your thing but you still want to indulge, transform the spare room into your own walk-in wardrobe. Granted, anyone who needs the room to have more than one function won’t be able to do this. But if you can, it can become a personal retreat from the troubles of the world in your own home.

Use lots of different textures to really amp up the indulgence. Think faux fur, velvet, and hints of leather. It’ll make you feel like a celebrity every time you get ready there. 

Maximise Wellbeing 
After the past year or so, it’s become so important to fit in a little self-care. But trying to do Yoga in the middle of a living room thoroughfare or meditate with kids laughing and playing can make it tough to want to do it. 

Make your spare room your zen retreat by transforming it into a place made for relaxation and a bit of you time. This is all down to what makes you tick, so don’t make it a Yoga space if you’re not going to do it. Make it somewhere you can retreat to. And a place you can explore your own interests.

Final Thoughts
There you have it. 6 great ideas to maximise the potential of your spare room, even if you can’t see its potential right now. Whatever you decide to do, ensure it works for you. Whether that means having 10 uses in 1 room or having a dedicated space for one purpose. The spare room is your oyster.

And even if you’re not sure about the room’s purpose, taking the time to decorate or just create some storage will take the space from zero to hero.

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