Choosing the right shoes for your needs

How To Buy Shoes (It’s Not What You Thought!)

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Shoes are a cornerstone element of existing as a human being, and it is only in the case of the extreme exceptions that you are likely to find someone who doesn’t own a pair of shoes. Not only are they great for protection in our day to day activities, they also go a long way in supporting our feet to a far greater extent than what would have been naturally possible, when we partake in highly physical activities.

Wearing the wrong shoes can give rise to a host of injuries, like strains, sprains and backaches, which it why it is absolutely crucial to buy shoes that are supportive to your daily operations, and this includes the sports and recreational activities you pursue! 

Form over fun, every single time
Traversing the selection at the Nike shoes sales will put you under great temptation to buy something that looks cool. But if the health of your feet is more important to you than looking cool (and it should be!) – rather pass it by and keep looking for a more functional pair of shoes for sale. What does functional even mean? Easy. It means that the shoes you buy should be 100% supportive of your activities. Running shoes should be dedicated to being used for running – this is where your Nike shoes come in! Hiking shoes for hiking. Dancing shoes for dancing. The list goes on, but the essence of the message is to buy something that will respond to the way your body moves during certain activities, and support your feet to prevent injury. 

Understand your lifestyle to understand your needs
No-one knows better than you what your daily routine is likely to be. If it involves running at least twice a week, you should strongly be considering investing in a decent pair of running shoes to prevent your feet from incurring harm in the long term.

Although it is absolutely possible to find a workable solution in the cheaper price range, a good rule of thumb is to buy the best you can afford. Saving a bit of money now might end up being an expensive exercise later on, when the incorrect shoes, or even a poorly manufactured pair of shoes fails to support you in the activities that make up your lifestyle. 

A little research goes a long way
If you are able to find a pair of shoes that covers comfort, support and durability, while offering a decent amount of protection for your feet, you will have found something workable! Don’t be shy to try shoes on in the store environment either – no-one can anticipate how a shoe fits, and even the best-looking pair could be uncomfortable, based on the shape of your feet. Rather try them on and remove any doubt.

Also use the internet for some upfront research before going into a store and buying any pair of shoes. Nothing is more representative of a product’s performance than real-life reviews by people who have bought the same item. Read and learn, and rather make an informed decision!

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