Innovative Ways To Promote Your Business in 2021

*This is a collaborative post 

 Digitisation has offered business owners many innovative ways to promote or market themselves. In addition, the incorporation of social media in our daily activities and the many effects of COVID 19 have increased the accumulation of social and economic activities online. This means that your business has better potential to thrive online. As a business owner, it will be great to take advantage of the current situation to promote and keep your business activities in full swing.

Employ digital marketing and SEO services
Ranking high in a google search result or a yahoo search result as a business owner is advantageous in capturing a significant market share. It benefits your business’ digital marketing that will help you retain many consumers or customers. Do you want your business page or website to rank high in search engine results? Consider getting professional SEO services. These services combine technical, on-page and off-page resources and boost your ranking in a search engine search. 

Create and verify your Google business listing
Google My Business is a free listing and advertising service where your profile allows you to manage your business and easily connect with customers. This service will list your verified profile on Google Maps for free. Your business listing on Google will help your potential customers locate you quickly. Also, you can optimise the profile associate with your business listing using SEO services to rank higher among other competitors in search results.

Create a website
Websites are essential for building credibility when starting small businesses. If you run a business and don’t have a website, you risk losing many potential customers. Considering the amount of time people spend online, creating a website will improve your online presence and build trust with customers. 

Implement Google Ads
Google is the most popular and efficient search engine with a large share of search engine traffic. If you have a decent budget, implementing google ads gives you the best chance to promote your business to a larger audience. Google ads show up above organic search results and give your immediate business exposure.

Advertise with YouTube
YouTube advertising is one of the most straightforward ways of promoting businesses in 2021. YouTube advertising is a paid ad service where you create short ad video campaigns embedded before and during content videos on the platform. The platform also makes provisions that include text ads in YouTube search results.

Promoting your business on social media
In recent years, social media has become a powerful tool for marketing brands and businesses. Social media platforms offer many opportunities to promote brands and small businesses. On social media, business owners directly access customers and other business owners where they can interact. Business owners can also use social media platforms to provide customer service. 

Again, different social media platforms offer different features you can use to promote your business, so research thoroughly to determine the right platform for your type of content and market. You can develop quality brands and capitalise on trends and hashtags related to your customers on Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, with social media, business owners can employ the services of influencers, a strategy popularly known as influencer marketing, to boost engagements with their audience.

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