Is There Such Thing as Pet Friendly Flooring?

*This is a collaborative post

We love our dogs. Some of us love our dogs more than people. 

We spend more money on items to make our four-legged friends happy than we do on ourselves sometimes, and that includes making our homes as much their homes. So when looking at touching up the home you probably double-check that anything you purchase is pet friendly, right down to what they walk on.

If you wonder about changing your floor and finding one that is pet friendly, you have come to the right place to figure it out.

Common Problems
When we start out looking, we consider the biggest flooring risks when it comes to pets; scratches, slips and those little accidents that form an unwelcome puddle stain.

It can be charging to the window to bark at the postman, or not being able to hold itself until it can get outside - those pets sure can make an enemy out of regular floorings such as carpet or hardwood.

The Better Solution
Instead of engineered or laminate flooring, there is a swathe of benefits for pet owners in the realm of vinyl flooring, such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

There are replicable qualities towards hardwood or stone or others that provide the wow factor, but it holds many benefits for your pets and does not cost the Earth to implement. Vinyl flooring is low in cost and high in design, incorporating many layers of protective qualities perfect for dog and cat owners.

For starters it has great resistance to scratches and stains, so claws won’t be scratching the floor and muddy or wet footprints from outside can be cleaned up with a quick wipe and no lasting stains. It is also very comfortable underfoot, or in this case - under paw.

Simple sweeping and a vacuum will ensure any pet hairs will not make a permanent residence on the floor also.

Additional Benefits
There is always an occasion where your dog or cat won’t make it outside to do its business, requiring a clean-up for you.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is 100 per cent waterproof, so those little accidents won't be going through to your subfloor and leaving a nasty odour. It also won't leave a stain on the floor after a quick wipe and will not require specialist cleaning products to keep it in its original look.

Luvanto is also a product that is very quiet underfoot, so those times when the cat is on a frenzy around the house, it won’t sound like a cavalry is running through in the night.

If you love your pets, then you’ll love Luvanto Design luxury vinyl flooring.

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