To My Boy On Your Sixth Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday Gorgeous Boy!

How is it you are 6 already?? (I'm sure I'm going to say this every single year!)

You're still a proper mama's boy, and I love it. My special little guy. You're always by my side, always chatting away or cosying up for cuddles too.

You're still as sweet as ever, kind, caring and thoughtful but over the past couple of years, your personality has really blossomed. You've got this adorable, sweet side and this crazy, silly, excitable side too - with your hilarious dance moves, funny faces and Kung Fu skills too. Haha.

It's been so lovely being able to watch you grow up so closely over the past couple of years, watching your personality change, your speech, your reading and writing too. 

You really are the most thoughtful, caring, welcoming and friendly little boy. You'll happily chat or play with anyone, include them in your games or share your toys with them and your sisters absolutely adore you. They always want to be with you, and why wouldn't they? You're lovely, happy, silly and fun - the best friend anyone could have, the best brother - and definitely, without a doubt, the best son any parent could ever ask for.

I love you so much my handsome boy. 
Happy 6th Birthday xxx

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