Fulfill Your Wish List

*This is a collaborative post

We all have wish lists, and not the kind of wish list saying what you want for Christmas. Lists that say "I wish I can have her life," "I wish I had this house," or "I wish I can go on that holiday." Stay-at-home moms, ambitious career women, and even your own strong-as-nails gran all have wishful thinking mental lists. Sadly as time goes by, those lists only grow more extensive, and none even gets a chance to be realised. Stop! It's time to work through those lists and realise your dream. 

Career 180 
Looking back at your 8-year-old self drawing in your notebook, is your current career what you always envisioned yourself to have? When you went to college, the most sensible thing to do was become a lawyer, but deep down, you always wished that you followed your dreams and became a pastry chef. Now at the age of 48, you feel that it's too late. Never! The wonderful thing about modern times is that if you don't have the time to attend school, online classes are quickly and conveniently accessible just with a click of a button. 

Bon Voyage
Leafing through magazines in the salon, does your heartache whenever you see the tranquil pictures of the islands you always wish you can go to? Set a deadline on when to scratch this wish from the list, and start planning. Thinking you can't afford it is the worst dream killer; instead, start by doing your research first. Go to a travel agent and ask about special flights. If they don't currently run specials, leave your email address for them to let you know as soon as they get special in on the destination you want to go to. Saving costs doesn't mean you will not enjoy your holiday. But be smart, look at online reviews on Airbnb's, get connected on Facebook with people who already visited the destination and gather tips on where the best food at the best prices is. Online financial advisors will help put those last doubts at ease. Soon you will be boarding that flight and sipping Pina Coladas under the cabana. 

Mi Casa 
Driving through the neighbourhood and ogling the house of your dreams before turning the corner with a sad sigh? It's time to earnestly work on this dream. If you don't have the capital at the moment to buy the house, go to your financial advisor and see what mortgage options are available to you. But even while negotiating the purchasing price of your dream home, there are more ways of where you can save on money. Find ways to reduce your property taxes, conveyancing quotes to pay as little as possible on lawyer fees, and then, of course, shopping around for the lowest premium on home insurance. Property is always the best investment you can make, and if that investment realises a wish list dream? Double score! 

Your wish list will not magically be realised right away, but not even trying to scratch off a few items on the list in your life is not living. Your life is there to make the best of it; that is why you only have one life to live. No regrets - a motto to strive to, and why not do a few things that will make you happy while still being a career driven woman or stay at home mommy? You deserve it!

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