Transform Your Patio For Summer

*This is a collaborative post

Summer is the perfect time to take a look closer at your garden and have some fun with it. Now that flowers are blooming and colours are taking over the space it is ideal for you to play around and get it ready for summer days sat out with family and friends. 

Here are some of the different things you can do this week that will prepare your patio for the summer. 

Whack weeds
One of the biggest annoyances in the garden in summer has to be the weeds that grow up between your patio stones. These weeds will come back year after year if not managed and now is the time to take action. To rid your patio of weeds you can simply use a hoe to take off the tops, and once you have done this, sprinkle salt over the roots. By the next day the roots will be dead and you can simply pick them out.

Add some colourful pots
To add some colour and fun to your patio space there is nothing better than a few plant pots. You can find some large pots at your local gardening centre or online and gather a few different flowers to arrange inside. Petunias, lobelia, pansies, and marigolds are a popular choice and as long as you deadhead them they should stay blooming all summer long!

Install an awning
If you plan to host a few parties in your garden or you enjoy eating alfresco - a great idea is to look into electric awnings for your patio. An awning will allow you to shelter a small portion of your garden while still enjoying the fresh air you love in the summer time. Consider installing an electric awning and even on rainy days you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space.

Break out the barbecue
Summer is a time for barbecues and parties - and now is the ideal time to bring out the barbecue to your patio. The patio is the ideal place for your barbecue as it has a flat surface to work with - and you’ll be able to cook amazing foods for all of your family and friends. Consider a brick barbecue that becomes a constant feature on your patio and a focal point for parties.

Build a fire pit
One other great way to celebrate your patio space this year is to install a fire pit in the middle of it. Fire pits are magical and they can bring a real sense of atmosphere and adventure to your garden. A fire pit can come in many shapes and sizes and therefore is the ideal choice for you no matter how large your patio is.

Invest in stunning seating
Make sure for your patio that you invest in comfortable seating for everyone. Wicker and rattan are popular however you can get fabric sofas and seats that are waterproof for your garden hosting. You can also spruce them up with some colourful waterproof cushions to really lighten the space!

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