(AD) Autumn Picnics With Foogo Green Tableware

*This is a collaborative post

As a family, we love a good picnic! Whether it's a summer picnic in the sunshine, a winter picnic snuggled up indoors in front of the TV or a beautiful Autumn picnic, wrapped up cosy, watching the leaves gently fall from the trees.

If you love a good picnic too, why not check out the fab FOOGO Green? Creating eco friendly and sustainable products as a better alternative to plastic disposables. With products that are suitable for everyone and they will degrade naturally when no longer in use. Far better than ending up in landfill like every plastic product!

I received a selection of products to review from FOOGO Green, including their great bamboo straws, and their eco-friendly dinnerware. Ideal for picnics, parties, beach days or spur of the moment adventures!

They offer a fab range of products from bowls and small plates, to platter plates and cutlery! Such a wonderful selection of items, even two types of eco friendly straws!

Everything is biodegradable and compostable, using sustainable materials such as bamboo, wheat, palm and birch to help you ditch the plastic! All of their products are affordable and durable, some are disposable and some are reusable but all are eco-friendly!

A huge bonus of their eco friendly dinnerware, and straws is that they are suitable for both hot and cold items. Pop a bamboo straw in a delicious cocktail during the summer, and add it to your scrumptious hot chocolate during the cold weather!

I'm really impressed with FOOGO Green's fabulous array of items. The quality is really great, and I love the uniqueness of each item. 

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