Relocating? Why You Should Consider Living in the North

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Are you looking to move home at some point within the next few months? If your answer is yes, then you may wish to embrace a new challenge in a different part of the country. England is a diverse country full of vibrant cities and beautiful countryside, and there is perhaps no greater place to live right now that in the north.

The north of England may have a bit of a bad reputation, but most of it comes from hearsay and negative stereotypes. The fact is, this part of the country is thriving. Some areas, such as Greater Manchester, have emerged as a better place to live than down south. Annual surveys by property specialists routinely name towns like York and Chester as being one of the happiest places to live. With stunning landscapes, lively cities, promising developments, and the Northern Powerhouse initiative, living in the north has never been more appealing. Best of all, with increased connectivity, it’s easier and quicker than ever to visit family and friends down south.

TK Property Group is a residential property investment specialist based in Wigan. With an impressive portfolio of stunning properties across the north, such as Wardour Point, TK knows all about the benefits of living in this area of the country. TK Property has provided us with some of the best reasons why you might want to relocate to the north of England.

Affordable Property Prices

Let’s start with one of the most important points to consider when relocating. What are the average property prices? Whether you are looking to rent or buy, houses are considerably cheaper and more affordable in the north than down south. While property prices have been increasingly across the country for several years now, the north remains one of the most affordable places to live. According to property website Rightmove, the average price to buy a house in Manchester is currently £243,330. As an example, an apartment at the exciting new Fifty5ive Manchester development can be bought for £221,050. In comparison, the average price for a London property stands at a whopping £669,096.

Incredible Variety

The variety up north is truly second to none. Northern areas offer more countryside and sparse destinations, while down south you are more likely to encounter skyscrapers and business centres at every turn. For some people, the southern lifestyle fits them to the core, while for others, there is less desire to be reminded of work wherever they go. In the North, you can find bustling cities with lush green scenery just moments away. Thanks to this, you can easily choose whether to venture into the city for a lively night out or catch some peaceful serenity.

Friendly People & Outstanding Culture

The people you live and work with are at the very forefront of how satisfied you are with your home location. It will depend on each individual area, but generally speaking, northerners are friendly, talkative, engaging and non-judgemental. A lot of areas are small, quaint locations home to people of equal stature, creating a real sense of community spirit and togetherness. Northern cities and towns boast an impressive sense of history and culture. Chester and York, in particular, are historic destinations that are incredible to explore - it’s almost like going back in time! There are plenty of famous monuments and stunning cathedrals to visit. These cities are also very proud of their heritage and not shy to shout about their art, musicians and sporting success. They are also often home to their own creative hotspots, such as Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle and Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Endless Things to See & Do

What is life without some excitement? Northern cities are never short on activities to do and things to see. Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful stroll or shop till you drop, the north has you covered! There are endless attraction venues, from live music venues to theatres and crazy golf. You can visit famous docks like the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool or dine at excellent restaurants. As for local cuisine, our favourites include the Lancashire hotpot, scouse stew and the best fish and chips in the whole of England. If you choose to live in Bryan House in Wigan, you must try the famous Wigan pies! As for relaxing places, there’s the beautiful Lake District and national parks where you can go for a trek or see wildlife with your own eyes.

Better Quality of Life

Ultimately, living in the north has a great chance to improve your quality of life. With lower house prices and a reduced cost of living, you will have more left over to spend on yourself. You will fit into the community with ease and with plenty of things to see and do, you will have the perfect opportunity to blend work, play and relax for the ideal lifestyle. There is also less crowding in the north, so whether commuting to and from work or visiting the local shopping centres, life won’t be as stressful.

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