Christmas Gift Guide For Children 2021

If you're struggling to find the best gifts for toddlers, children, tweens or teenagers, don't panic! Finding the perfect gift is tricky even when you're a parent! So I'm sharing a few fab gift ideas here, I'm sure you'll find that extra special present you've been looking for! Toys, books and even subscription boxes, even the child who has everything will have a smile of their face when they open one of these gifts on Christmas morning!

*This is a collaborative post. Some items were gifted.

A Girl's Guide To Being Fearless - How To Find Your Brave 

Self care can start at any age! Good self care habits are just as important for children as they are for adults! A Girls Guide To Being Fearless is self care, self improvement guide aimed at teenage girls and it's full of quotes, tips and interesting drawings to help hold their interest. What I personally love about this guide is that it's written in such a way that it feels almost like you are just talking to a friend. It tackles a lot of issues teenage girls struggle with and it's extremely relevant to current times too. It's easy to read, it's friendly, relatable and not at all overwhelming or patronising.

A fab book aimed at, but absolutely not exclusively for teen and tween girls.
Available from Wiley and Amazon

                           Luxe Padded Play Mats

If you are looking for the perfect, universal gift for babies/toddlers and children alike - the Luxe Play Mats from Munchkin and Bear would really make an amazing, useful present! 

The mats are really high quality, a fantastic large size, soft, easy to clean, non toxic and definitely durable - plus they are just so cute

They could be used as a comfy mat for babies and toddlers to lie and play on, the perfect play mat for children to sit on the floor comfortably (and keep the mess contained!) and it could even be used as a dance/yoga mat! The opportunities and uses are endless. Munchkin and Bear have such a gorgeous range of playmats, in different sizes and to suit every style to fit perfectly in your home. 

A beautiful, long lasting, useful gift for any child this Christmas!

Available from Munchkin and Bear

The Phoenix Comic Subscription

The Phoenix is a weekly subscription comic book for children (aimed at ages 7-14). Each week a fab new exciting comic could be delivered to your child - what a fab gift idea! A subscription to Phoenix comics really would be the gift that keeps giving (52 times a year!). 

The comics are so jam packed with fun, unique stories created by talented well known artists and aside from stories, there's plenty other exciting activities too! From competitions to book reviews, interesting facts and even 'how to' drawing guides!

No instant landfill plastic junk atrociously attached to the cover like most children's magazines either, just high quality, fun content for kids to enjoy and get stuck in!

As I mentioned above, a subscription to Phoenix Comic really would make a fantastic, original gift for your child this year! 

Available from Phoenix Comic

Mud & Bloom Subscription Box

Mud & Bloom boxes are absolutely fantastic gardening and nature subscription boxes for children. My little ones absolutely love getting outside, no matter the weather. Digging & planting in the garden, learning about plants and animals and exploring nature. Each box comes with a delightful amount of activities to enjoy with your little ones, beautiful seeds to plant together and nature inspired crafts. You can read my previous review of a Mud & Bloom box here, but I really cannot recommend them anymore! They'd make amazing gifts for little ones this year, you could set up a subscription for them, buy a one off box or even a sibling boxwith enough supplies for 2!

Available from Mud & Bloom

More Sausage: Every Dog's Dream

More Sausages is a fun new children's book by author Arabella Bumfuzzle - all about the minds of dogs and the adventures they go on. It'll give you a comedic insight into how dogs see the world, and what goes on inside a rescue kennel. The main character is Carter, a cute collie dog whose life changes when his owners move into a care home and he is sent to a rescue home. Full of hilarious stories and entertaining situations that'll appeal to children and tweens alike! A fun little gift for fun little dog lovers! 

Available from Amazon

Go Glam U-nique Nail Salon

The Go Glam U-nique Nail Salon is a fun little piece of kit for children who love painting their nails! It includes nail polish but the machine itself is a nail polish dryer and stamper. The set comes with 5 design pods, a multitude of different designs and patterns, 2 nail polishes and a top coat, as well as a toe separator. 

If your child loves playing dressing up, trying on make up or painting their nails, I'm sure they will love having the ability to have patterned nails now too! It's really easy to use too, just choose a pattern and insert the correct cartridge, paint your nails and you're ready to start. Easy for older children to try by themselves! 

Super fun way for young girls and teens to paint and decorate their nails with fun designs. It comes with everything you need to go from plain nails to super cute, painted and stamped nails. It’s pretty much mess free too! 

Available from Spin Master and Amazon

Personalised Wrapping And Cards

A fab way to make a gift all that more special this Christmas, by fully personalising the wrapping! Dom and Geri offer a fab range of personalised products, from gift wrap to cards and even presents! The wrapping looks like really great quality and the website is super easy to navigate. Just choose the product you'd like to personalise, add your photos, change the text and buy! 

I love the huge range of wrapping and cards you can choose from. Cute themes, funny, patterned, or even just text without photos - to help you create the perfect wrapping for that special person. 

Imagine how excited your child would be on Christmas morning, coming downstairs and spotting the amazing paper with their name and photo on it! Such a fab idea.

Available from Dom and Geri

Classic Animals Puzzles

Animal toys and puzzles are always a fab gift idea for younger children, I know my toddler adores a good puzzle! This Classic Animal Puzzle is a wonderful product and would really be a lovely present. It features well known zoo animals ideal for teaching animal names and sounds. Plus on the back of each completed puzzle it mentions the names of the animals too, so a great phonic activity too. 

The puzzles vary from 3-5 pieces so they're ideal for 2+ years and the pieces are made of wood, as opposed to flimsy cardboard, meaning they will last far longer! Nicely made puzzles, really cute images and packaged well - a really thoughtful gift!

Available from Jaques London and Amazon.

Pop Up T-Rex

This fab game works in the just the same way as the classic 'Pop Up Pirate' but with a dinosaur twist! To play the game you just take it in turns to put one of the dinosaur bones into the barrel - and if the T-Rex jumps out, you lose! 

A perfect, easy game for young children and adults alike! Even toddlers can get involved as all the pieces are quite chunky, plus it can even be educational - recognising colours, and counting, not to mention encouraging patience and taking turns too!

The dinosaur and barrel are well made (plus the dino is cute, rather than scary so ideal for little kids). The 'bones' are a little flimsy, but aside from that I'm impressed. A fab game for the whole family!

Available from TOMY and Amazon

Butterfly Garden 

This wonderful Butterfly Garden kit would make such a fun, educational gift for any child! An interesting, real way to teach the magic of Metamorphosis from your own home. This kit provides your child with the ability to closely observe caterpillars transforming into chrysalis' to beautiful butterflies. 

The kit comes with the fabric 'home' for the butterflies and detailed instructions. Specific products come with a voucher to purchase the caterpillars, but if no voucher is included they will need to be purchased separately - so just keep this in mind when you buy the product. 

Honestly, we have tried this butterfly garden in the past, and it was so much fun! It's such a wonderful experience to watch a such a fascinating creature grow and change before your eyes. Educational and exciting - what more could you want in a gift?

Available from Bright Minds and Amazon

The Reading Adventure Club

I love a good subscription box, if I could afford it - I'd subscribe to a vast amount of them! I've tried out many number of children's boxes in the past but The Reading Adventure Club is something else! It was set up by young twin brothers who loved reading. Each months box comes with the reading book, notes for the grown up, an extra book themed gift and up to 10 individual little gifts. The gifts are relevant to specific parts of the book (there's a note on each page when it's time for a gift). The little gifts, some are fun, some are silly, some are factual and educational too - but there are all relevant to the reading book.

Personally, I think this is the coolest idea ever. My kids are excited to read the book, I'm excited to read it with them! It's so much fun, it's like a lucky dip - a prize for enjoying reading! 

One of my favourite subscription boxes to date, it really would make a wonderful gift! Whether you gifted a box, or a whole subscription!

Available from The Reading Adventure Club

Airbrush Plush

Airbrush Plush is a cute little soft toy unicorn that your child can completely personalise and decorate! Using the included battery powered spray gun and chalk pens your child can decorate and 'spray paint' using stencils or freehand! It's really a lot of fun, and they can truely make their unicorns unique and personalised! 

The unicorn is super soft and cosy, and I didn't mention the best part! - The markers wash off easily, so the cute unicorn can be decorated again, and again and again! 

The toy is good quality, the spray gun is really easy to use and the pens are great too, although personally I feel adding more colours would be a great idea too! A sweet, fun and creative gift idea!

Available from Canal Toys and Amazon

Cappi Fibre Tip Pens and Metallic Felt Tip Pens

Colouring pens, stationery, paper and colouring books are things I like to stock up on every Christmas. They are a great gift and most children would be really happy to receive some fab new stationery. These Cappi Colouring felt tip pens are unique because you thread the caps through a plastic ring meaning it's so much more difficult to lose their lids! I know for a fact what an issue that is with children and pens, they are forever losing the correct lids!

The pens also have an ergonomic design meaning they are so much easier for little hands to hold, and they are washable too! Everything you need in colouring pens for children!

Available from STABILO and Amazon

The Metallic Premium Felt Tip Pens are something a little bit..special. They come in 8 gorgeous metallic shades, gold, silver, blue, pink, light green, dark green, copper and pink and each one is as beautiful as the last. (Can you tell how much I love good quality stationery? Haha)

Each pen is really high quality, vibrant, shimmery and luminous even on black card or paper. 
Perfect for crafts, colouring, detailed drawings, writing - anything creative at all! 

Available from STABILO and Amazon

Mechanic Loops And Turns Construction Set

Mechanic Loops And Turns Construction Set is a new kit from Geomag. I am personally a big fan of Geomag, it's a lot of fun! I remember my younger brother having a few sets when he was a child and it's such a creative, exciting construction toy. 

This fab set uses magnetics and gravity to creative a new type of construction. What I personally love about all Geomag toys is the fact that no batteries or electricity is required, it's all about imagination, construction and science. It's educational and fun! This set has a 'magnetic cannon' that uses the force of attraction to shoot the magnetic balls around the circuit. It's such a unique concept, a really exciting gift idea for any child, any gender, over the age 8+.

Available from The Entertainer and Amazon

Washbag Gift Set

I love Childs Farm products! They are fun, eye catching, and suitable for dry, eczema prone and sensitive skin too. These are their Luxury Washbag Gift Sets. Each set includes a hair and body wash and a bubble bath, gifted in a lovely, high quality washbag.

The unicorn print washbag contains tangerine scented bubble bath and blackberry and apple hair and body wash. The tractor print washbag contains raspberry bubble bath and orange scented hair and body wash. Each product is wonderful and lovely scented too. 

The products are all paediatrician and dermatologically approved, and vegan friendly too!

The washbags themselves are fab, and really great quality and the bottles of products are full size, no lame sample sizes here! A fab gift set, perfect stocking filler for any child!

Tractor Washbag available from Childs Farm and Amazon
Unicorn Washbag available from Childs Farm and Amazon

Batman 4 Inch Action Figures

If you have a Superhero or Batman fan to buy for this year, these Batman 4 inch Action Figures would be perfect! The collection includes different Batmans to collect, The Riddler, The Joker, Robin, Harley Quinn and many more!

Each figure comes with it's own accessories and a collector poster too. I'm very impressed with the quality and detail of the figures. The packaging is creative and exciting, with secret compartments for the different accessories. The figures are all really excellent - I'm sure my son would love to collect them all for himself!

Just a little note, some stockists that sell these figures do not give you the opportunity to choose which figure you want, so if you want a specific figure I suggest you shop around.

Available from Spin Master, Amazon and other stockists.

Railway Ticket Gift Experience

Are you looking for the ideal gift, for a child who already has a lot of things, then why not give an experience instead? Buy A Gift have a huge range of experience gifts to choose from, but I really loved the sound of the Family Steam Railway Day Rover Ticket Experience. These tickets entitle the recipient and family to all day travel on the historic East Somerset Railway!

What a fab gift would that be to give your child, a super fun day out for the whole family?!

If you are not near East Somerset, there are lots of other railway experience gifts to choose from on their site!

Available from Buy A Gift

Be A Tree
I am a sucker for a gorgeously illustrated children's book. I love to buy them as gifts, I love to buy them for my own children. There's something so perfect, so magical about a beautiful book. 

Be A Tree is a lovely new book, written by Maria Gianferrari and illustrated by Felicita Sala - all about the magic and majesty of trees, and how they're wonders can teach us to be better humans. 

It's such a wonderful book, perfect for grown ups to read to their little ones (sometimes I feel that helps the magic come alive a little more, don't you?) The soothing, imaginative language really helps to paint and picture in your mind. Such, such a gorgeous book. Aimed at ages 4-8. 

Available from Abrams & Chronicle and Amazon

YESSS!: The SUMO Secrets To Being A Positive, Confident Teenager

YESSS! The SUMO Secrets To Being A Positive, Confident Teenager is a fab guide, full of fun, interesting and motivating advice for teenagers. Uncovering the secrets of owning your emotions, being healthy and positive, setting and smashing goals! 

We all know how tough the teenage years can be, particularly without support but nowadays life is even tougher for them. It's so important to help them discover their own self identity and shape them into the very best versions of themselves. 

A really high quality, informative and relatable book. The practical ideas are great and the lovely illustrations really bring the ideas to life!

Available from Wiley and Amazon

Diary Of A Brilliant Kid: Top Secret Guide To Awesomeness

Diary of a Brilliant Kid is a fab book for the tweenager age. Full of quotes, story and adorable illustrations laid out in a journal format. It's all about encouraging self belief and self discovery - something so important to learn, even as a child. 

Celebrating your uniqueness, discover just how amazing you are and what you can achieve! 

Personally I love the format of the book, it's an introduction to journaling with lots of wisdom, activities and inspiration throughout. 

Having read this book myself (my eldest is almost a tween) I really really recommend it. If you feel your 8-12 year old is struggling at all, perhaps with focus, school or mental health struggles, I really recommend giving this book a read.

Work on it together, let them do it alone - whatever works! It's fun, quirky & silly, yet inspiring and motivating. A really fab book for children!

Available from Wiley and Amazon 

My First Calendar

I remember having a very similar calendar to this when I was in my first year of school! My First Calendar is a lovely, large Magnetic Calendar for kids. With the ability to change the days, date, month, seasons and weather each day it'll help young children to learn and remember these using repetition and being able to change the calendar each day. 

As well as teaching the days of the week, seasons, weather and months of the year - it's a great way to teach life skills and routine. It is stated that the calendar is aimed at toddlers, but it'd be a fantastic product for any young child. My 6 & 7 year olds really enjoy switching it up every day! Educational Toys make the best gifts!

As with any Jaques product, it's very sturdy and really high quality. The colours are vibrant and the illustrations are very sweet. The calendar itself is very easy to use and the pieces are big enough for small hands. It's easy to hang up and although the calendar isn't magnetic (the pieces are) it'd easily hang from a hook or a drawing pin. 

Available from Jaques and Amazon 

SFR Vision II Tropical Quad Roller Skates

These funky roller skates have such a cool, retro feel to them. The high padded backs provide good ankle support and the PU wheels are really great quality. 

I love the vibrant colours of them and they are super comfortable to wear, if a bit snug. I would suggest going up a size if needed. All in all, the skates are really high quality, weighted and sturdy. 

These colourful roller skates would make such a fab, fun, gift idea for children this Christmas - something a little different!

Available from Skates and Amazon

Have You Ever Seen A Flower?

Again, another truely beautiful children's book. Have You Ever Seen A Flower is a magical little book all about nature and the universe beyond. The story is easy to read, but can provoke so much thought and imagination. The story itself is lovely, but the imagery and illustrations is something else - a wonderful piece of art on each page. 

One of the wisest, most colourful and vivid picture books I have seen. So magical! It's a wonderful take on mindfulness, slowing down, peacefulness and positivity - and of course, connecting with nature.

Honestly, it's such a gorgeous book and a truely lovely read. The perfect addition to your child's bookshelf this Christmas.

Available from Abrams & Chronicle and Amazon 

Story Writing Set & Drawing Set

If you are looking for a little more creative themed gift, these fab books from Tandem Green might just be the perfect thing! The Story Writing Set includes everything your little one will need to get started writing some fantastic stories! If your child struggles with using their imagination when writing, or perhaps tends to write the bare minimum this book is ideal! The set includes a pencil, a pen and a lovely 'ideas spinner' to help come up with story ideas. Throughout the book there are different pages to help develop the story in a slow paced, easy to follow way. 

The Drawing Set includes a pencil, colouring pencils and another ideas spinner but this one  is a little bit different, more detailed to help your child really get creative! The first section of the book has super fun drawing prompts, and the second half of the book is blank, to let your child really go wild!  

Both the books are such high quality. They are both spiral bound, which is easier for young children to use. I love the design of the books, the little cute illustrations, the wording - so sweet. I also really love the idea of the 'Ideas spinners' too, such a unique and creative touch! Each book can also be delightfully personalised on the front cover using your child's name.

Super cute books, creative and unique. A wonderful gift idea for children.

Available from Tandem Green

I hope you enjoyed having a read through my gift guide! 
Let me know which item is your favourite?
Christmas Gift Guide For Children 2021

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