Most Common Tyre Problems

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When there are issues with car tyres, Basingstoke mechanics find that they tend to fall into five general categories. Let us take a look at these and see which can be avoided, and which, if any, are inevitable.

Inflation Issues

Modern tyres are designed to always be used at optimum tyre pressure. Sometimes older drivers can remember being advised to underinflate their tyres to get more grip on poor road surfaces, or to overinflate them for a more comfortable ride on a poorly sprung car. But modern tyres are vastly different in design from those old-fashioned tyres, and using them at anything other than optimum inflation can not only cause damage to the tyre, the wheel and the rest of the car, but it will make your ride very noisy and uncomfortable besides.

Physical Damage

While most modern tyres are tough and can withstand a fair amount of abuse, damage can sometimes result from careless driving or using rough or poorly maintained roads. This damage will usually be visible to an observant car user, with punctures showing as dark marks against the tyre's surface, and with damage showing in the form of distortion or bulging to the sidewall, or even in the form of chunks of rubber missing from the tyre. You can use the best possible roads, and still be subject to a piece of debris lying unseen in the road, or need to pull over and discover that the verge is full of sharp or jagged rocks. The best way to avoid suffering inconvenience from this sort of thing is to regularly check the tyres and have a mechanic look at them should you discover any issues.

Misalignment/ Unbalanced Tyres

A good mechanic will always make sure that your tyres are properly aligned and balanced, and many drivers, while sensing that something is wrong, will be unable to pinpoint precisely what the problem is should the tyres be misaligned or unbalanced for any reason. It can happen after rough driving or a minor accident, so if your vehicle feels off, do not ignore the feeling: contact your mechanic and bring your next service forward. It is better to be safe than sorry in these matters.

Emergency Brake

Using your emergency brake can save your life in the moment – but it can also result in worn patches on the tyre's surface where the rubber has bitten into the road. You should always check your vehicle after making a serious emergency stop, and have your tyres replaced if necessary.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear will show on your tyres after six to ten years of careful driving, and is a sign that you have got the best possible usage from your tyres! If this is the reason you are looking for new tyres then one recommendation would be Car tyres for sale in Basingstoke available at Headley Tyres. Either visit their branch or shop online from their website.

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