Christmas Self Care & Wellbeing Gift Guide 2021

The stress of the past few years has really shown us all the importance of a good self care routine. Taking steps to ensure you feel good, inside and out, has never been more important. 

With this is mind, there has never been a better time to give someone the gift of self care and self love - encouraging them to look after themselves, and their wellbeing - take a look at my gift ideas below! 

Christmas Self Care & Wellbeing Gift Guide

You Are Your Best Friend Book

You Are My Best Friend Book

You Are Your Best Friend is a fab, relatable self care book. Offering tips, tricks and easy to follow advice to encourage you to switch up your mindset, and make yourself a priority. With fun activities and strategies, alongside gorgeous, vibrant illustrations - you'll master the art of self care and you'll soon learn to love looking after you again. Self love goes a long way! 

I love that the tips and ideas are totally normal, and things we can all easily do and include in our daily lives. The ideal gift for this stressful time in our lives, and the illustrations will really brighten your mood too!

Available from Abrams & Chronicle and Amazon.

Little One's Best Seller Kit

You Are Your Best Friend is a fab, relatable self care book. Little Butterfly London have put together three of their favourite products to create the 'Little Ones Best Seller Kit'. A collection of their most loved products to help you pamper and protect your children's skin. 

Each product is suitable for sensitive, new-born, dry or eczema prone skin, all dermatologist approved of course. 

The set includes 'Bubbles In The Breeze - top to toe wash' a gorgeously scented wash for babies and children. It's perfect for a delightful bubble bath, or to use as a soap alternative. It's not oily, just moisturising and so gentle on little ones skin.

The lovely 'Dewdrops At Dawn - body lotion' is so delightfully moisturising. With cocoa butter, aloe vera, fruit oils and oats, it's really the perfect combination of ingredients to create a light, creamy lotion which smells divine - ideal for post bath or dry problem areas.

Lastly, the wonderful 'Wrapped In Love - calming, anti pollution baby face cream' is the perfect facial moisturiser for your little ones. Honestly, I've always made sure I keep my skin well moisturised (due to growing up with eczema) but I never really thought about how I should be moisturising my children's faces too. Particularly during hot or cold weather, your skin needs protecting! This gorgeous face cream is made of organic plant oils and extracts to protect, soothe and strengthen your children's skin. It's so rich and creamy, lightly scented and glided on so well, soaking into the skin quickly. It's anti irritant and anti inflammatory too - protecting your child's skin from the elements, and pollution. 

Each of the above products I have been using on all my children's skin and they all work wonders. Perfect for babies, toddlers and children alike. A beautiful gift set for mums and babies this Christmas.

All products available from Little Butterfly London, or individually on Amazon; 

How To Be A Moonflower Book

How To Be A Moonflower

How To Be A Moonflower is the gorgeous new book from Katie Daisy (beautiful name too, right?) celebrating the absolute magic of the night time. Discover and learn about the world after dark, from quotes to meditations, charts mapping out the stars, and guides to plants and nocturnal animals.

Ohhh honestly, it's such a magical book. The illustrations are divine, so detailed and delicate. It's a book that dreams are made of. There are activities to try, interesting facts to learn and again, incredible artwork to swoon over. The ideal gift for self care lovers, night owls, dream weavers, creative folks, art lovers - it's just, amazing. 

Available from Abrams & Chronicle and Amazon

        Moro Orange Bath Soak & Discovery Set
Farmologie Bath Soak and Discovery Set

Farmologie by Child's Farm is a delightful brand aimed at adults with sensitive, dry or menopausal skin. Using natural, high quality ingredients, vegan friendly and cruelty free, they have developed a gorgeous range of products - just as amazing as the Child's Farm products for kids.
The Moro Orange Bath Soak is absolutely delightful. I mean who doesn't love relaxing in a gorgeous, hot, bubbly bath! The problem is, when you suffer with skin conditions, your skin simply doesn't agree with the basic bubble bath/ shower gel products you see everywhere. That's where Farmologie solves the problem. This gorgeous bath soak smells absolutely divine, so fruity and refreshing! But it's main ingredients are my absolutely go to natural ingredients - OATS! I've mentioned so many times about the power of oats on dry/sensitive skin, and this lovely Moro Orange bath soak contains colloidal oatmeal and oat oil to really grab all the benefits from the oats. The soak lathers up so well to create a wonderful world of bubbles, so you no longer have to suffer with lame, boring, bubble free baths! It's so softening and moisturising too, a real treat. 
Farmologie Discovery Set
The Moro Orange Discovery Set features a range of sample size products to try! Including the good old bath soak, it also includes moisturiser, hand cream and body wash! Each smelling as divine as the last (particularly the hand cream I have found!). All the products featured in the discovery set are moisturising and softening, as they again all contain oats! Such a gorgeous range of products, so kind to my sensitive skin, without sacrificing the delicious scent that many sensitive skin products lack.
Available from Farmologie; Bath Soak & Discovery Set
                    Which item in my gift guide is your favourite?

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