3 Errors People Make When Designing The Living Room

*This is a collaborative post

A properly planned living room is vibrant, engaging, and appealing. With adequate balance, this part of the house never really goes out of style. Unfortunately, not many people get it right with the living room design. It is either over the top or the exact opposite. Although the size of living rooms in the UK seems to have reduced by one-third, there is still something you can do to set them up without these errors. 

  1. Forgetting to use prime wall space

The floor is not the only part of the house that takes furniture and other types of décor. Your walls are excellent places to use whether you need them for decoration, plants, storage, or other. You just need to know how to incorporate the wall space into your overall living room theme. For instance, if you want to preserve floor space, you can install multipurpose floating shelves to hold some of your living room décor.

You also have the option to build or order wall cabinets and wall storage furniture from reputable companies. According to UK-based interior designers, many homes only reserve their walls for decorative artwork. Fortunately, there are more ways to prime wall spaces than you can imagine.

  1. A poorly-planned layout

A living room can be appealing only when you put enough thought into the layout. It is not all about getting a living room furniture set facing a flatscreen TV set. Unfortunately, only a few people realise that the living room is more than a TV area. It can be a family gathering zone and, more importantly, a place to receive and host guests. Remember that what you do with this part of the house depends on the natural layout.

For instance, if you have a long and narrow living room, you may want to try the grouping arrangement. This involves arranging your seating in clusters to provide privacy and intimacy. This arrangement also creates an open feel to your living room. There is no cramped space that takes away from the overall appeal. Therefore, if you live in a townhouse or loft, this style can create the vibrancy you want in a living room.

  1. Hanging curtains the wrong way

How low are your curtain rods? A basic interior design technique focuses on placing curtain rods high above the window. This is intended to create openness and add height to the room. If you are unsure about the exact window measurement, try the half foot method. If you hang your living room curtains wrongly, it could cast a proverbial shadow over the appeal you wanted to create.

Apart from hanging the curtains the wrong way, you may want to reconsider the material. Usually, when the fabric is a heavier material like velvet, it is advisable to use a stronger rod to hold it up. If not, the curtain will weigh down the rod and cause a droopy appearance. Nobody likes to stare at droopy curtains in the living room.

Last but not least, remember to choose the right kind of coffee table that matches your living room theme. For instance, if you are sticking with a contemporary living room design, a vintage coffee table will look out of place. Therefore, if you need help, an interior decorator may be your best bet.

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