4 Fantastic Alpine Ski Resorts to Consider for your Coming Winter Holidays

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Planning holidays can be stressful as you do not want to pay for stuff and services that you might not enjoy in the end. Winter holidays can be even tougher as you need to find one resort that can offer multiple services such as challenging pistes, après ski activities and hospitality services. 

There are excellent ski resorts all around the globe that do offer excellent services and do keep in mind that their visitors are interested in not only the ski facilities but also accommodation and après ski activities. All the ski resorts in the Alps do take all those parameters into consideration. And we are talking about many resorts as the Alps are both the highest mountain range in Europe and the most extensive one. The latter trait is related to the fact that they are spread in eight countries, and those countries are France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia. 

All Alpine ski resorts are excellent but today we will make your life easier by introducing you to four of them. Don’t forget to book your ski holidays in the Alps with Erna Low so that you are sure that you get the best bargain for both skiing and accommodation services. Thus, you can easily satisfy all your travelling needs without spending much time on searching. Are you ready to discover four of the best resorts in the Alps?

Resort 1: Zermatt, Switzerland 

Zermatt is one of the most famous ski resorts in the Alps. The fact that some of its slopes are over 3000 metres high entails that there are pistes that have fresh, natural snow most months of the year. Not to mention the striking beauty of the landscape. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many people have voted Zermatt as the best ski resort. 

Resort 2: Grands Montets, France

How would you like to ski on one of the highest mountains in the Alps, and Europe? If this idea fascinates you, then you should visit the Chamonix ski area which is located on Mont Blanc. Grands Montets is one of the four ski resorts of the area. Those resorts are interconnected. Thus, if you have booked a ski pass for the whole Chamonix area, there is nothing stopping you from skiing up and down the mountain. 

Resort 3: Kitzbühel, Austria 

Skiers of all levels will have the time of their lives in the Kitzbühel ski resort. They can spend their days sliding down the slopes and admiring the spectacular wintery and peaceful view of the mountains all around them. And if they need a scenery change, the famous Austrian cities Innsbruck and Salzburg are not too far away. 

Resort 4: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

In Northern Italy, the Cortina d'Ampezzo ski resort will be the perfect travel destination if you are a winter sports fanatic. You may know that some of the sports of the Winter Olympics in 1956 took place there. And the history of Winter Olympics in the area is going to be repeated in 2026.

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