New Home or New Problem? Issues To Be Aware of in New Builds

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Of the many home issues we can experience moving into a new property, one of the biggest surprises in the UK is the number of defects found in new builds. New builds offer modern benefits with open-plan spaces, but there have been some major issues all around the country with new build homes. Let's show you some of the main issues to be aware of. 

Blocked Guttering

This can result in problems inside the property if left unattended. Because rainwater goes back up the roof, it can cause mould and leaks. It's always a good idea to get in contact with roofing contractors to ensure they have the tools to fix this. Some companies use aerial photography to investigate the roof, but this can result in a larger cost. New builds are supposed to be mould-free, so if you discover mould or leaks in the property, this might be the culprit. 

Insulation Problems

The loft appears to be one of the biggest issues in new builds. Some properties have found that there is no loft insulation or if it is there, it has been incorrectly fitted. Many new build suppliers find themselves on a deadline, meaning that the work is done with less attention to detail. Problems in a loft can come with a considerable price tag, and paying approximately £400 to insulate a loft is not something that we should have to deal with ourselves. 

Issues With Windows and Doors

A common concern many people have noted when they move into a property is a faulty front door or a window. Incorrectly fitted doors can be frustrating because they can scratch the surfaces causing damage, but windows that are incorrectly fitted can be even more of a problem, not just because of the frustrating aesthetic if it's installed at a poor angle, but they can also let in cold air, causing heating bills to climb up and making it a miserable place to live. Replacement doors can cost around £100 but windows can be £200 pounds each

Brickwork Pointing

One of the big problems with unsuitable pointing is that it could trap moisture and not be allowed to escape, which forces the moisture onto the brick faces, which over time, can freeze and result in the brick surfaces crumbling. 

Issues with Decoration 

There are a lot of problems in properties relating to ceiling, paintwork, or plastering. Anybody moving into a new property needs to conduct an inspection into the decorations during the day, and professional advice is to stand at most 2 meters from the surface, so you can see everything. 

Inconsistencies with Sealant

Any property that is improperly sealed can look messy. Additionally, if there are problems with sealants, they can cause dampness and water ingress. 

A new build is something that shouldn't be without problems, unfortunately, so many people are commenting on new build properties as not fit for purpose, and in many cases, it's the house that Jack built! If you are looking to move into a new build property, these are some of the things to be aware of.

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