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Perfect Present Ideas For Little Ones - Wicked Uncle

I absolutely love gift giving. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or a just because gift. As a mum of three, a big family, and best friends who have kids too - I've had plenty of kids to buy gifts for over the recent years. With Christmas coming up, this is the time of year when I have to start planning and buying! (My husband always questions why I start this early, but Christmas is a lot of effort for mums especially! Don't you think?) Besides, as much as I love gift giving, it's the finding the perfect gift that takes the most time! Luckily, Wicked Uncle have come to the rescue, with a huge range of fun and unique present ideas for children of all ages! 

Wicked Uncle Blog Review

Wicked Uncle

Wicked Uncle is a fab online company, based in the deep countryside in the UK (they also have an American site too!) Their main mission is to provide the most brilliant, fun and wicked toys for all the boys and girls. 

They understand that no two children are the same, and Wicked Uncle are there to help us grown ups out, and make gift giving all the more easier. They scour the internet in search of the best and most unusual presents for children. Not to mention testing, building, painting and trying out each toy before it goes on the shelves. 

There's something for every child, at Wicked Uncle - and they help you on your journey to finding that perfect present too!

Searching for the perfect gift

I don't know about you, but when I'm shopping online - I like to filter down the search options as much as I can. I cannot be dealing for scrolling all the way down, page after page after page. 

Wicked Uncle Blog Review

Wicked Uncle help you limit your search and make it as specific as you need it to be. On their website you can search by gender, by age (from baby to 15+ years), or even by specific categories. From 'Dinosaurs' to 'Adventurers', 'Role Play' to 'Spooky & Spells' - whatever your child is currently obsessed with, there will absolutely be the perfect gift for them here!

Unique and fun gifts galore!

There are so many unique gifts over on Wicked Uncle to choose from, I wanted to share a few of my favourite finds on their website.

Wicked Uncle Blog Review

1. Hydraulic Cyborg Hand
Is this not the coolest robotics gift ever? It'd be the perfect gift for a little budding engineer. It's water powered, wearable and no batteries required - with clear instructions and easily adjustable to size. SO COOL.

2. Detective Toolkit
What child doesn't love playing detective? I know I would have loved this gift as a child! This fun little gift gives your child the chance to solve their own detective cases using all the tools a Sherlock Holmes in training needs! Magnifying glass, invisible pen, evidence tags and more. 

3. GeoSafari SeaScope
Can I be a child again please? I am genuinely so jealous I can't play with these toys anymore as a 31 year old haha. This water resistant seascope has 5x magnification and a built in torch to encourage your little one to really explore underwater life. So. Freaking. Cool. 

4. Stinky Pig Game
Raise your hand if your child finds farts hilarious. What adult child doesn't! This pass the parcel style game has a stinky piggy twist. You pass the piggy around, but if you don't do it fast enough, he might parp on you! 

5. Flying Bee
There's something so exciting and magical about a toy that can fly, don't you agree? This little bumblebee takes the magic one step further - it's flies by following your hand movements! Isn't that just the coolest thing?!

So basically, if you are wanting to be the best person ever, be the person who is known for buying the best gifts for their children, you definitely need to check out Wicked Uncle!

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